Excel updated with Split View multitasking, Word now supports trackpad and mouse

Microsoft has updated its Office for iPhone and iPad productivity suite with a few new nice-to-haves. For instance, you can now take advantage of side-by-side multitasking in Excel. Also, Word now supports richer mouse and trackpad interactions on your Magic Keyboard.

Split View multitasking in Excel

Excel now makes it easy to work with multiple spreadsheets at the same time in iOS’s handy Split View multitasking mode. If you are on iOS 13 or higher, you can now open two or more spreadsheets side by side, making editing a lot easier. The previous Excel update brought support for both mouse/trackpad and work/personal accounts.

Mouse and trackpad in Word

Although Word’s September 2020 update brought support for using a pointing device in the software, the most recent update expands those interactions with rich support for Apple’s Magic Keyboard. You can interact with your documents, highlight passages of text easily, etc.

Presenter Coach in PowerPoint

PowerPoint for iOS was bumped to version 2.45. The only new feature is Presenter Coach which allows you to rehearse your presentation by providing you with feedback on things such as pacing, pitch, filler words, sensitive phrases and more. Microsoft says mastering these things helps you keep your audience engaged.

PowerPoint’s previous update brought the ability to quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts by adding your work and personal accounts to the app. And of course, PowerPoint also supports trackpad and mouse-based interactions on the iPad.

Download Word for iPad, PowerPoint for iPad and Excel for iPad for free in the App Store.