How to use Split View on Mac to use two apps on the same screen

Split View lets you put two apps side-by-side on the same screen. It’s super easy to invoke or exit and makes working on your Mac more efficient. Here’s how to use Split View, or split screen, on your Mac desktop or MacBook.

Split View on MacBook Air

Enter Split View on your Mac

You have two easy ways to enter Split View on your Mac; using the app’s full-screen button or using Mission Control.

Method I. Use the full-screen button to enter Split View

1) Take Mac’s pointer and place it over the green full-screen button on the top left of the app window.

2) As per your choice, select Tile Window to Left of Screen or Tile Window to Right of Screen. This app will take up half the screen.

Tile Window to Left of Screen or Tile Window to Right of Screen on Mac

3) The other area of your screen should display your other open apps. Click to select the app or window you want in Split View with the first.

Split View Mac Pick App

And there you go! You’re ready to work in Split View on your Mac. And if you like, you can drag the line between the apps left or right to adjust their sizes.

If you’re on an older version of macOS, click and hold the green, full-screen button on the top left of the app window. While still holding, slide the app to the shaded area of the screen and release.

Method II. Use Mission Control to enter Split View

If you already have an app in full-screen mode, you can still place another one next to it with Mission Control.

1) Leave the app you have in full-screen mode as it is.

2) Swipe upward with three (or four) fingers on your trackpad to open Mission Control.

Mac Mission Control Move App

3) You should see your open apps in the center. Take the app you want in Split View with the other, drag it to the top, place it over the top of the first app, and release.

4) You’ll see the second app pop in next to the first in the thumbnail. Click that thumbnail.

Mac Mission Control Thumbnail

That’s it! You should have both apps now open in Split View.

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Exit Split View

No matter how you arrive at the Split View screen, you exit it the same way. Pick one of the apps you have open and move your cursor to the top to view the window buttons. Click the green full-screen button.

Exit Split Screen Mac Email Calendar

The other app will remain in full-screen view, while the one you just clicked will return to its normal size. You can then switch between them as you normally would.

Uses for Split View

Split View is a convenient feature for a variety of situations. Maybe you’re writing a research paper with Pages and Safari open together or composing an email for an event and have Mail and Calendar open. Whatever the case may be, Split View can be a great time-saver.

Are you going to try out Split View on your MacBook now?

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