How to browse two or more sites at once in split screen on iPhone

Learn how to use a free application to browse multiple websites simultaneously in split-screen mode on your iPhone, allowing you to reference them all at once, and enhance productivity.

Browsing two websites in split screen on iPhone

A great feature of web browsers, whether mobile or desktop, is the ability to use many tabs at once. You can open various sites in different tabs and flip between them. But is there an even easier way to work with more than one site at a time?

This is where Split Web Browser app comes in to help. This handy browser for iPhone lets you view those different websites on a single screen that’s split to accommodate each one.

Note that if you are on an iPad, you can easily open two or three tabs or websites using Split Screen and Slide Over right in Safari — no extra app is required. However, since the iPhone does not have the iPad’s multitasking abilities, we will have to rely on a third-party app.

Open and browse two websites at once on iPhone

  1. Download the Split Web Browser app for free from the iOS App Store.
  2. Next, pop it open to have a look. You’ll notice that the app is already split into two screens for you. So, you can start browsing more than one site at a time right away.
  3. The app works in both portrait and landscape views. Plus, for each website that’s split in the browser, you can use a back button, bookmark that particular page, and open one of the websites into full-screen mode and then return to the split screen.
Open and browse two websites at once on iPhone

Browse three or more websites at once on iPhone or iPad

Are two websites not enough? You can tweak this app’s settings to increase the number of rows and columns. After that, you can open multiple tabs at once, with the highest number being 12 sites across three rows and four columns. This mammoth setup of up to a dozen tabs will obviously be more useful on the big iPad screen compared to the iPhone.

  1. Make sure the Split Web Browser app is installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now, open the Settings app and tap Split after scrolling down to the list of installed apps.
  3. You will see the options for Rows and Columns. Tap them and increase their number.
  4. Now, open the Split Web Browser app, and you will see the new layout spread across many tabs. You can open different websites in all these tabs.
  5. If the app was already open and you do not see the increased number of rows or columns, force quit and reopen it.
Open multiple sites at once on iPhone

Adjust other settings

You can go to the iPhone or iPad Settings app and select the Split app. From here, you can change other settings:

  • Siri & Search
  • Private Browsing
  • Search Engine
  • Show Loading Indicator
  • Full-Screen Priority
  • Desktop Mode

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