How to use the new iPadOS multitasking features

iPadOS multitasking features Slide Over All Apps

We’ve shown you the slew of new features coming to iPad with iPadOS. From the floating keyboard to the Home screen widgets, there’s much to be excited about on iPadOS.

This guide walks you through the fancy new multitasking features you’ll be using on iPadOS. While there’s a lot to take it, you’ll appreciate those features that you’ll likely use many times each day.

So let’s get to it! Here’s how to use the new iPadOS multitasking features.

Slide Over with multiple apps

On iPadOS, you can now use multiple apps in Slide Over and switch between them easily. Like before, drag an app out of your Dock to add it to Slide Over. Then, do the following to add another app and switch between them.

1) Swipe up to open the Dock and drag an app out and onto the top of the current Slide Over app.

2) Using the line at the bottom of an app in Slide Over, swipe to the right. You’ll then see the next app you have in Slide Over.

Slide Over two or more apps iPadOS multitasking features

3) To see all apps you have in Slide Over, hold the line at the bottom of one and then slide up slowly about halfway. When you see the other apps appear, release your finger.

Slide Over iPadOS All Apps

Now you’ll see each Slide Over app and can select one if you like. To make a Slide Over app full screen, drag it to the top and remove one, flick it up and out.

Split View with the same app

What’s new with Split View is that you can now use windows of the same app. This is convenient for seeing two different views of your Calendar or two separate maps in the Map app at the same time.

1) Open the app in full screen.

2) Swipe up to open the Dock and drag the same app’s icon to the right.

3) Wait for the black screen on the side and then release.

Split View Same App iPadOS

Once in Split View, you can resize each side by dragging the line down the center left or right.

Split View Change Size iPadOS

Multiple windows of the same app

If you want to see multiple windows of the same app and switch between them quickly, this is another great multitasking enhancement.

1) With the app open on your screen, swipe up from the bottom to show the Dock.

2) Tap the same app’s icon in the Dock.

3) On the next screen, tap the plus sign on the top right.

4) That app will open a new window. You can follow the same steps to open additional windows of the same app. Or, use that action to quickly switch between those windows, which you can also do in the updated App Switcher.

iPadOS Multiple Windows Same App

Other iPadOS multitasking features

Create windows: You can drag an item from an app to an empty spot to create its own window easily. For example, you can drag a link and have it automatically open in Safari or an email address and have it open in Mail.

App Expose: See all open windows for a single app by tapping its icon in the Dock. You can also hold the app icon and pick Show All Windows.

iPadOS multitasking features Show All Windows

Check out our video walk-through of the new iPadOS features for a hands-on look at how it all works.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully these new multitasking features for iPadOS will be useful for you. Is there one in particular that you’re looking forward to using? If so, let us know in the comments below!