Aion combines elements of the classic iOS 6 App Switcher with modern widgets & fun features

Aion app icon.

As lovers of ongoing interfaces changes throughout iOS iterations, we wouldn’t fault you for starting to get bored of the iPhone’s same old App Switcher interface. After all, it’s beginning to show its age. Fortunately, iOS developer SparkDev is out with a new rootless jailbreak-supported tweak called Aion that now only provides a novel user experience, but may even evoke some hints of nostalgia if you’ve ever used iOS 6.

How to use Slide Over for enhanced multitasking on your iPad

Using two apps in Slide Over on iPad

iPad offers easy multitasking features, and one such option is the ability to use an app as a floating window over another app. It's called Slide Over and works on all iPads introduced in the last decade.

Besides Slide Over, another useful multitasking tool is Split View, which we have already covered in a separate guide. So in this article, we'll focus solely on Slide Over and show you how to use it to the fullest.

The steps here apply to all iPads - iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and other models running an updated version of iPadOS.