Siri Shortcuts

How to fix shortcuts not working on iPhone

Shortcuts app on iPhone

Shortcuts, also called iOS shortcuts or Siri shortcuts, simplify tasks and even perform ones that your iPhone doesn't have a built-in app for, like converting images or downloading Twitter videos.

Follow these solutions if a specific shortcut or all shortcuts do not work on your iPhone or iPad.

How to automatically start playing music at startup on Mac

Play music on Mac startup

We previously showed you the steps to automatically open your favorite websites without a single click when you turn on your Mac. In this brief tutorial, let us add some music to this.

Here's how to use the Shortcuts app to automatically play your desired playlist when you turn on your Mac.

How to use the Siri Suggestions widget to change Home Screen apps on iPhone

Siri Suggestions widget on iPhone

Siri Suggestions widget has been a part of the iPhone since iOS 14. It can dynamically suggest apps or shortcuts on the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPod touch that you may want to use next, based on usage and your personal patterns.

In this tutorial, we explain how to have Siri intelligence dynamically curate your apps and show suggested actions right on your iPhone Home Screen.