Siri Shortcuts

How to use and add complications for Shortcuts on Apple Watch

Run Shortcut on Apple Watch

If you enjoy using the Shortcuts app on your iPhone for setting up quick actions, then you’re in luck! On Apple Watch you can use some of the same shortcuts and turn them into complications.

For things like letting family know your ETA, playing a playlist, or even setting a laundry timer, leave your iPhone on the table and tap your Watch instead.

How to use the Siri Suggestions widget to change Home screen apps on iPhone and iPad

The new Siri Suggestions widget can dynamically suggest apps or shortcuts on the Home screen of your iPhone or iPod touch that you may want to use next, based on usage and your personal patterns. The Siri Suggestions widget is arguably one of the most useful widgets in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. In this tutorial, we're going to explain how to have Siri intelligence dynamically curate your apps and show suggested actions, right on the Home screen.

How to assign your favorite apps or custom automation shortcuts to the stock Lock screen and Control Center toggles in iOS 13

Did you know that iOS 13 makes it possible to create some pretty neat system-wide app automations for your iPhone or iPad, right in the Shortcuts app? With this awesome improvement, power users are able to do things that weren't possible before, such as have iOS automatically open a third-party app upon tapping the Camera shortcut on the Lock screen or modify Control Center toggles so they launch custom rather than default apps.

Modulus brings a slew of useful new modules to Control Center

Making the Control Center interface modular was perhaps one of the greatest things Apple ever did to improve the iOS experience. On the other hand, Apple left a few things out of the interface from the start and hasn’t yet opened the platform to third-party developers for custom toggles and shortcuts. With that in mind, it certainly pays off to have a jailbreak.

A new jailbreak tweak called Modulus by iOS developer LaughingQuoll brings a slew of new third-party modules to the Control Center interface, and at first glance, each of the new modules seem to be rather impressive.

Shortcuts Focus: how to delete all your completed reminders in one fell swoop

Inexplicably, Apple's Reminders app to this date has not bothered to offer us an option to delete all of the completed reminders at once. It should, at the very least, be able to remove completed items after a set number of days, but even that isn't allowed. Basically, you're left with two choices—either, joy, delete completed reminders manually, one by one, like an animal; or, leverage the power of scripting and iOS automation to your advantage like a boss.