Safe Mode

SettingsButtons adds useful buttons to the Navigation Bar in the Settings app

Jailbreakers with any interest or intention involving the augmentation of their iPhone or iPad’s Settings application should promptly turn their attention to a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed SettingsButtons by iOS developer Ethan Whited.

SettingsButtons provides fast and easy access to commonly used toggles directly from the Settings app’s Navigation Bar, including but not limited to a Dark Mode toggle, a Respring button, and a Safe Mode button. Examples of these buttons are depicted in the screenshot example above.

Substrate Safe Mode updated to support jailbroken iOS 14 devices

If your jailbreak depends on Cydia Substrate for tweak injection, then now would be a good time to launch your preferred package manager and refresh your sources. This is especially the case if you’re enjoying the perks of a pwned version of iOS or iPadOS 14 by way of the resilient checkra1n jailbreak.

Upon doing so, those jailbreakers should find an updated release of Substrate Safe Mode ready to be installed, subtly dubbed version 0.9.6005.

Yobun Pro provides jailbreakers with quick access to advanced shortcuts

One of the many things iOS users may notice is that Apple spends lots of time refining the platform’s user experience with each and every substantial iteration, paying special attention to user-friendliness regardless of what a user’s age or technical know-how might be. One of the unfortunate burn backs of having such a foolproof platform is that users aren’t typically provided with much by way of advanced settings.

While the issue above can be somewhat of a bummer to those more knowledgeable in the arts of technology, the good news is that jailbreakers aren’t bound by the confines of Apple’s interface simplicity. Jailbreak tweaks, such as the newly released Yobun Pro by iOS developer Plat Ykor, offers convenient shortcuts for advanced controls that iPhone users can’t normally access on a stock handset.

Cydia Substrate & Substrate Safe Mode receive twin updates with improvements

After a brief hiatus from last month’s rush of Cydia Substrate updates, Saurik appears to be at it again. Starting this morning, checkra1n jailbreak users should be able to refresh their sources and see two notable new updates including Cydia Substrate version 0.9.7108 and Substrate Safe Mode version 0.9.6004.

Both packages are especially important for the checkra1n jailbreak, as one drives tweak injection while the other serves as the last line of defense between jailbreak tweak failures and the possibility of a consequential boot loop. Fortunately, these packages work in tandem to permit jailbreak tweak usage in a safe environment.

How to boot into Safe Mode with the unc0ver jailbreak

If your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken, then it can be easy to go overboard with installing jailbreak tweaks. While the primary purpose of most jailbreak tweaks is to make your handset better, it’s always possible for a buggy or poorly coded tweak to go rogue and cause more harm than good; sometimes rendering your entire handset momentarily inoperable.

While some panic at the aforementioned thought, especially when it happens to their own jailbroken device, it’s not always necessary to restore your device and lose your jailbreak. In fact, the unc0ver jailbreak supports a function that lets you boot into a no-tweak state tantamount to the likes of no-substrate mode so that you can safely launch Cydia and uninstall the offending tweak(s). We’ll show you how that’s done in this tutorial.

How to boot into Safe Mode with the checkra1n jailbreak

Jailbreaking can be both a fun pastime and a way of making your iPhones and iPads capable of functionality that Apple doesn’t empower them with out of the box. Unfortunately, not all jailbreak tweaks work as expected, and in some cases, buggy or poorly coded tweaks may render your device temporarily unusable.

But fear not, as you probably won’t need to restore your device and lose your jailbreak data. The checkra1n jailbreak tool incorporates a Safe Mode mechanism that can be used to boot your jailbroken iPhone or iPad into a no-substrate-like mode in which jailbreak tweaks don’t load. You will, however, be able to launch Cydia and uninstall the offending tweak(s). We’ll show you how to do that in this tutorial.

PowerMenuX: Another refreshing take on iOS’ power down menu

For as long as I’ve written about jailbreak tweaks, I’ve seen many different attempts to rethink the iPhone’s native power down menu. To this day, Apple’s native implementation is barebones and lacking in useful features, but when you jailbreak your device, those limitations seem to disappear.

Despite how many times I’ve covered power down menu-centric jailbreak tweaks in the past, it seems as if they continue to look nicer in terms of minimalism with each new release. With that in mind, I’m excited to share with you a new release called PowerMenuX (All Devices) by iOS developer MayBeMe.

PowerModules supercharges Control Center with useful new toggles

Those with jailbroken handsets probably understand the importance of respringing and using safe mode for troubleshooting, among other things. Unfortunately, many of these features can be too far out of reach for comfort, and that’s why iOS developer Muirey03 has created a new free add-on jailbreak tweak for CCModules called PowerModule.

Just as the name implies, PowerModule adds a new module to the Control Center interface that encompasses a bevy of different power options, among other things. Some of the toggles it supports include:

Electra Team brings an official Safe Mode to Electra1131

If you’re using the Electra1131 jailbreak on your iOS 11.2-11.3.1 device, then you may want to consider opening Cydia and installing the newest updates to Substitute and Tweak Injector as soon as you humanly can.

These updates, which were issued by the Electra Team on Friday, implement an official ‘Safe Mode’ on devices that have been pwned with the Electra1131 jailbreak tool.