PowerMenuX: Another refreshing take on iOS’ power down menu

For as long as I’ve written about jailbreak tweaks, I’ve seen many different attempts to rethink the iPhone’s native power down menu. To this day, Apple’s native implementation is barebones and lacking in useful features, but when you jailbreak your device, those limitations seem to disappear.

Despite how many times I’ve covered power down menu-centric jailbreak tweaks in the past, it seems as if they continue to look nicer in terms of minimalism with each new release. With that in mind, I’m excited to share with you a new release called PowerMenuX (All Devices) by iOS developer MayBeMe.

PowerMenuX combines all the essential power features into the same power down interface, and that includes the ability to respring, reboot, shut down, and enter Safe Mode on demand. Moreover, the options are presented as buttons rather than sliders, which, at least to my hands, feels like a much more modern approach.

While PowerMenuX isn’t as feature-packed as another recent release called RePower XII, it does offer a slightly different UI and aesthetic than the latter. At 50¢ more than RePowerXII, some might be so inclined to say that it’s a money-grab, and I wouldn’t argue with that notion. That aside, I’d argue that it’s easy on the eyes and just as functional as you’d expect.

If you’re interested in trying PowerMenuX out for yourself, then you can download it from the Packix repository in Cydia or Sileo for $1.50. The tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 9, 10, 11, and 12 devices, whether they have notches or not.

What are your thoughts about PowerMenuX and the interface it provides? Let us know in the comments section below.