iCloud Drive

How to share iCloud Drive folders on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and web

Share iCloud folders

Many popular cloud-storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox support folder sharing. If you use Apple devices, you can share iCloud folders with others. Here's how you can use your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and a web browser to share iCloud folders with others, manage shared folder permissions, and stop sharing when done.

How to change where the downloaded Safari items are saved

Safari downloads folder on iPhone

Beginning with iOS 13, iPhone has an enhanced Safari browser with a Mac-like download manager. With this, iPhone and iPad users can download all sorts of files from the Internet, like PDFs or ZIPs, and store them locally in a folder inside the Files app.

This brief tutorial shows you how to change the location where Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac downloads the files.

How to add an iCloud Drive shortcut to your Mac desktop or Dock

iCloud Drive on Mac

If you use iCloud Drive often, especially on your iPhone or iPad, then having fast access to it on your Mac can be a big help. You can certainly open your iCloud Drive from Finder or from iCloud.com, but if you want to access it with a click, there’s a better way.

Here’s how to add an iCloud Drive shortcut to your Mac desktop or Dock.

How to share iCloud Drive files

How to share icloud drive files

You can share iCloud Drive files with other people to either give them basic access to the document, or to allow them to collaborate and edit the document. This sharing can be initiated via your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even from iCloud.com using any web browser.

How to synchronize Desktop & Documents folders across other Macs, iOS devices & PCs

iCloud keeps your personal data like contacts, photos and calendars, along with other files, in perfect sync across multiple macOS, iOS and Windows devices. And with macOS Sierra or later, you can have the same exact files on the desktop and in your Documents folder across multiple Macs.

In this tutorial, you're going to learn how to set up and use Desktop and Documents sync in macOS Sierra, manage and synchronize the files across multiple Mac and Windows PCs, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and more.

How to recover data from iCloud

From time to time, you may inadvertently lose data from your iOS devices, Macs, and even your iCloud account. Fortunately, Apple offers you a way to restore previously lost data from iCloud and the feature is streamlined and easy to use.

macOS Sierra preview: Universal Clipboard + Desktop & Documents sync

Our ongoing macOS Sierra previews continue unabated as Andrew and I take a closer look at two new useful features in Sierra: Universal Clipboard and shared Desktop. You're definitely going to use Universal Clipboard quite a bit: in addition to being a great time-saver, it “just works”.

Universal Clipboard lets you copy and paste items across your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices and Mac computers like a boss. Sierra also puts your iCloud storage to good use by keeping any Desktop items along with the files within the Documents folder synchronized across your other devices.