Photos, Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone and more now available via on mobile

The website is now available with a new landing page on mobile devices which finally brings support for some of its web apps such as Photos, Notes and Reminders. Previously, accessing the website from an iPhone or Android used to bring up a landing page informing you that you couldn’t get to the web apps whilst using a mobile browser.

First discovered by News Landed, support for is now available in mobile browsers like Safari or Chrome on iOS and Android. Now you can access web apps like Photos, Notes, Reminders and Find My iPhone through a mobile browser.

Syncing between iOS/macOS and is supported, too.’s Notes app on iPhone (left) and Android (right).

There are some bugs, however:

On Chrome for Android, there are a few features that are not working. Though I was able to create a new note, I was not able to type in this note. I was still able to delete the note, but couldn’t scroll in my list of notes. This seems to be a bug, not a feature restriction on Android, as all of this worked on Safari for iOS. The keyboard also worked in the search bar to search my notes on Chrome for Android. As expected, sharing options were not available for notes on both mobile browsers.

9to5Mac has more:

On iPad and other tablets, you get native mobile browser support for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes, Reminders, Find Friends and Find My iPhone. Notably, on iPad it is natively pulling up the desktop site when visiting

On iPhone, requesting the desktop site doesn’t change anything from the new native experience with the four apps that are currently supported.

These web-based apps offer most of the functionality of Apple’s native counterparts complete with drag and drop, the ability to upload your media to Photos through a mobile web browser from folders, your Photos Library or your iOS device’s camera.

Uploading photos doesn’t work on Android though.

Additionally, you can also delete images, like them, add photos to albums, download items and even copy the iCloud share link. And as News Landed observed, you can even view Live Photos on Android now with’s Photos web app.

Other web apps like Calendar and Contacts are still unavailable through mobile web browsers.

“Use more apps on on an iPad or desktop computer,” reads an advisory at the bottom of the page. To learn which specific features are available in the browser on your particular device, read a support document on Apple’s website.

According to the linked document:

When you sign in to on an iPhone or iPod touch with your Apple ID, you can view or manage Photos, Notes and Reminders, as well as some of your account settings. You can also locate or lock devices with Find My iPhone.

If you sign in to on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can access these features:

  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Find My iPhone

Publication date is December 17, 2019, which makes us believe that support for these web apps on mobile browsers may have been available for at least the past few weeks.

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