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7 simple ways to safely back up your iPhone photos and videos

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I have a friend who nearly lost all of his photos of his daughter. He had his iPhone for just about two years and he took tons of pictures of her. She wasn't even two years old yet, so basically, her whole life was on his iPhone. One day, his phone crashed, and he couldn't figure out what happened to it. His pictures were lost.

He was eventually able to recover his photos, but not without hours of work and days of anxiety. When I asked him why he didn't just back his photos up, he had no good response. Always back up your precious photos. Seriously. Always back up your photos!

Here are a few different ways to back up your photos and videos so you'll never have to face the dreaded lost memories again.

Individual charged with breaking into thousands of iCloud accounts to try and find explicit photos of women

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Apple bills iCloud as a safe place to store a user's digital footprint, from documents to files to just about everything else that can be stored in the cloud. However, some folks out there in the wild will do just about anything to find personal, revealing photos of others. Like one man who has apparently broken into thousands of iCloud accounts on the hunt for explicit photos.

How to transfer iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos

Google Photos Ready to Add

Apple introduced a new feature that allows you transfer your iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos. The service doesn’t remove any of your photos or videos from iCloud, it simply copies them over to Google Photos.

So if you’re interested in a third-party backup of your items or are planning to make a switch away from iCloud, this could make it easy. Here, we’ll show you how to get the ball rolling to transfer your photos and videos, the limitations you may run into, and a few other things you need to know.

How to hide photos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Hide a Photo on iPhone X

You don’t always want the photos you capture displayed for all to see. You may have some that are not for a younger audience or others that may hold a surprise for somebody that you want to keep quiet. For whatever reason you have, you can easily hide pictures in Photos.

Here, we’ll show you how to hide Photos on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and where to find them once you do. Plus, you’ll see how to unhide those tucked away photos should you decide to later.

How to automatically upload burst photos to My Photo Stream

Settings Photos Upload Bursts to Photo Stream on iPhone

If you’re one who uses the My Photo Stream feature in Photos rather than iCloud, there’s a small setting you might not know about. The setting is to automatically upload burst photos to My Photo Stream and can be quite handy.

Burst photos are terrific for making sure you capture the perfect shot. So instead of just one photo, you can take several with a tap. You then review and keep those you want from the burst. And since you can see and save the images on any device with My Photo Stream, you may want the photos from the bursts there by default.

Here we’ll show you how to automatically upload burst photos to My Photo Stream so you can work with them on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How to select burst photos you want to keep in Photos on Mac

Bursts Album in Photos on Mac

We explained to new iPhone users what burst mode is in the Camera app and how to use it. And with that, we showed you how to review all of the photos you receive with burst mode and only keep those you want.

But what we didn’t mention is that you can review burst photos from your iPhone on your Mac too. This is convenient because you can review on a larger screen, gather family around your Mac to review together, or simply do it when you have more time.

Here’s how to select photos from burst mode on iPhone when using Photos on your Mac.

How to easily search for images and videos in Photos on Mac

Search Photos on Mac

Finding photos of people, places, or things can become increasing more difficult as you snap more pictures. And if you don’t take the time to add keywords or descriptions, it can be even harder.

To help you locate the photos you want on iOS, check out ways to search for photos on iPhone and iPad. As for Mac, this article gives you handy ways to search for what you need in the Photos app.

How to sort photos and videos in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad

Sort Photos in Album iPad

One thing that the Photos app on iOS has been lacking is the ability to sort photos and videos in your albums. Luckily with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and later, that’s no longer an issue.

You can sort a couple of different ways in Photos within your Shared Albums and albums you create. This is a terrific feature that many have been waiting for, and if you’re one of the many, here’s how to sort on iPhone and iPad in Photos.

How to add captions to photos and videos in Photos

Captioned picture in Photos on iPad

If you want to add something descriptive to your photos and videos, whether to make them easier to find or to explain them better, you can include captions. With iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur, Apple brought the ability to add captions in the Photos app right on your device.

Adding the caption is easy once you know where to find the feature. So here we’ll show you how to add captions to images and videos in Photos.