iCloud Drive folder sharing makes a comeback in iOS 13.4 beta

After an initial delay, which Apple issued in late 2019, it looks like Apple is finally ready to bring iCloud Drive folder sharing to the masses.

Well, not quite. We still have to wait for a few more beta seeds of iOS 13.4 before the public release eventually arrives. But at least we know it’s coming down the pipe, right? Ryan Christoffel was the first to notice that iOS 13.4 welcomes back iCloud Drive folder sharing to the mobile operating system.

While iOS and macOS users have been able to share individual elements from folders in the past through iCloud Drive, they haven’t been able to quickly share a folder in its entirety with iCloud Drive. This feature changes that, and puts the feature on similar footing as services like Google Drive, Microsoft‘s OneDrive, and others.

With iCloud Drive folder sharing, users will be able to quickly choose who can see the folder, manage permissions, and more. The feature is available in iOS and macOS.

The delay was probably for the best. Apple obviously didn’t feel like it was ready for primetime in earlier versions of iOS 13, despite the fact the company unveiled the feature in mid-2019 and initially planned to launch it in the fall. But the revised plan has always been the spring of 2020, so it looks like Apple has refined the experience.

Are you looking forward to this feature?