Apple reinstates the battery percentage in the status bar with the latest iOS 16 beta

When Apple introduced the iPhone X, it also took something away: the battery percentage present in the status bar. This used to be a handy feature, making it easy to see just how much battery life remained in your iPhone at a glance. Especially if you prefer percentages. But, Apple removed it, and, up until today, it didn't appear that the company was too ken on bringing it back.

Here’s what’s new and different in iOS 16 beta 4

iOS 16 features

As we march towards the eventual arrival of the iOS 16 update, Apple is still seeding beta versions of the software to help prepare developers for what's to come. To that end, we've got a brand new beta seeded today and, along with it, some new features and changes for the prerelease software.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 16 beta 3

A scene from the June 6 WWDC 2022 keynote, with Apple's software chief Craig Federighi standing in front of a slide showcasing the iOS 16 icon

As we we march towards the public launch of iOS 16, Apple is in the process of issuing betas of the upcoming update. And, as is par for the course, Apple continues to tweak the software and add new features to the mix preparing for the public launch later this year.