A range of iCloud services currently experiencing performance issues [Updated]


If you’ve been noticing slower-than-normal performance with various iCloud services this morning, you’re not alone.

UpdateApple has updated the system status page to reflect that iCloud services should be up and running as expected.

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Apple today has updated its official system status page to reflect a major performance issue across iCloud services. That includes iCloud Drive, Bookmarks & Tabs, Screen Time, Photos, iCloud Contacts, Mail, Notes, and iMessage.

Here’s the issue text from iCloud Drive:

Users may be experiencing slower than normal performance with this service.

According to Apple, the issues started cropping up across iCloud about an hour or so ago. Unfortunately there’s nothing to do except wait as Apple works out the kinks and gets everything up and running smoothly again.

It’s also worth noting that Apple notes that some iCloud services were experiencing some issues earlier this week, too, but those were apparently resolved pretty quickly without any fanfare.

In any event, if you’ve been noticing issues this morning, it’s not just you. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, and, when Apple’s system status page shows green lights across the board, we’ll update this post accordingly.