GreenPois0n Jailbreak for iPhone 4.1 Released

After a couple of days delay, the greenpois0n jailbreak was finally released early this morning. As you all have probably heard, the highly anticipated jailbreak was delayed due to the fact that Geohot released his jailbreak -- entitled limera1n -- shortly before greenpois0n was scheduled to be released.

As a result the Chronic Dev Team opted to use the same exploit Geohot used, instead of simultaneously releasing their infamous SHAtter into the wild for Apple to eventually stamp out.  The release, though, hasn't been without it's fair share of problems...

Did You Know Geohot Was a Musician Too?

Did you know that before becoming famous for his iPhone jailbreaks and unlocks, Geohot tried to get a piece of the music industry?

Fortunately for us, he's far better at hacking gadgets than he is at songwriting and singing. This was sent in by iDB reader Josh who apparently stumbled upon this little gem. Check it out...

Geohot even created a MySpace page with a couple other songs. What do you think of that?

LimeSn0w Unlock by Geohot on its Way?

Just days after releasing his LimeRa1n jailbreak, is Geohot going to amaze us all over again with LimeSn0w, the first iPhone unlock for iOS 4.1? That's at least what this image I received from an anonymous tipster suggests. It shows what seems to be an iPhone 3GS on T-Mobile with information about LimeSn0w being an unlock for basebands 02.10.04 and 05.15.01.

While we thought there wouldn't be an unlock until iOS 4.2 comes out, this LimeSn0w rumor comes as a very good news, especially for those of you who accidentally updated to iOS 4.1 and cannot downgrade the baseband.

LimeRa1n Download

A quick note to let everyone know that so far, you can only download LimeRa1n for Windows. There is no Mac LimeRa1n download yet. According to Geohot himself, a Mac and Linux version of LimeRa1n should be available soon.

Update: There is now a Mac and Linux version of LimeRa1n.

There are many websites offering fake LimeRa1n download links. My recommendation is to be very careful with those. You can always download LimeRa1n from our iPhone downloads section, or directly from the LimeRa1n website.

I will update this post as soon as we have LimeRa1n download links for Mac and Linux.

If you're on a PC, here is a guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone iOS 4.1 with LimeRa1n.

GreenPois0n Jailbreak Delayed Because of LimeRa1n

LimeRa1n came out yesterday creating a bit of controversy in the jailbreak community. Because it revealed a different exploit from SHAtter, releasing GreenPois0n today would have given away those 2 exploits to Apple for them to patch in a near update.

Like I expected yesterday, Chronic Dev Team decided to do the right thing, and postpone the release of GreenPois0n so they have time to work on it while including the new exploit found by Geohot. Today the Chronic Dev Team officially spoke about the whole situation. This is what they had to say. No need to say they are pissed...

Should You Stay Away From LimeRa1n?

The news just fell that LimeRa1n has been released. If you follow the major iPhone hackers on Twitter you probably got a good feel of what to expect from LimeRa1n: a buggy and untested jailbreak.

So really, the question is: should you use LimeRa1n? Should you put your iPhone in jeopardy? Or should you wait for GreenPois0n or PwnageTool?

LimeRa1n Jailbreak Released [Download]

Geohot just released the LimeRa1n jailbreak for iOS 4.1 (LimeRa1n download here). LimeRa1n will jailbreak the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, the iPad, the iPod Touch 3G and 4G. So far it is Windows only but a Mac and Linux version are in the work.

Geohot claims he released LimeRa1n today to get the Chronic Dev Team to do the "right thing". Basically Geohot is saying "F U" to the whole jailbreak community....

LimeRa1n Jailbreak for all iDevices is for Real

Yesterday we broke the news about the potential come back of Geohot and LimeRa1n, a new jailbreak-it-all tool that will supposedly be released next Monday, a day after GreenPois0n scheduled release date. At first I was very skeptical about it and to be honest with you, I still am.

However it's been confirmed by all the big wigs that LimeRa1n is indeed for real and that it will most likely drop on Monday. Here is what we know so far...

Is Geohot Making a Come Back in the Jailbreak Scene with LimeRa1n?

The rumor just started going around on the web that infamous iPhone hacker Geohot might be making a come back with a jailbreak for iOS 4.1. The jailbreak will supposedly called LimeRa1n and would be released on 10/11/10, just a day after the GreenPois0n scheduled release date.

We've heard about LimeRa1n before, and it all turned out to be just a website with no real purpose. So what's different now? Is Geohot really coming back? He is, if you believe this image...

Is Geohot Back?

Just before he said goodbye to the jailbreak community last week, Geohot recommended we follow his friend Mike Cohen for all future news related to a jailbreak. The kid went from a handful of followers to over 10,000 in just a few days...

Today Mike Cohen tweeted the following, making people believe LimeRa1n might be just around the corner:

Is Geohot Back?

A few people have speculated that Geohot might be back on the jailbreak scene under a new name. I don't believe this theory. For one, the Twitter stream of Mike Cohen looks nothing like what Geohot would tweet. But perhaps, and most importantly, the tweets from Mike Cohen are sent from a Blackberry and I really doubt Geohot would be using one of those.

My Theory

I believe that Geohot is not back and doesn't plan to, at least for a few weeks. I believe that he asked us to follow Mike Cohen so his friend could gain thousands of followers easily. I believe Mike Cohen tweeted about that earlier today to revive the buzz around him and gain even more followers.

I'm sure Geohot will eventually be back. I don't believe this is happening now. Right now, we're just being fooled by a kid who wants to capitalize on the fame of his buddy Geohot and add followers to his Twitter account.

What do you think is going on? Do you think this Mike Cohen is real? Do you think he is Geohot? I'd like to know what you guys think of this all.

GeoHot Says Goodbye To The Jailbreak Community

It seems GeoHot is done with the iPhone jailbreak community. After teasing us with what ended up being a fake iPhone 4 jailbreak, GeoHot put an end to it all by completely shutting down his Twitter account. Additionally, he made his blog an invite-only place.

GeoHot has been complaining for a while about people harassing him about jailbreaks and release dates, which is probably what motivated his decision. While he didn't clearly say goodbye to the jailbreak community, GeoHot seems to be retiring from the scene, at least for now.

I was able to read GeoHot's last tweets last night but unfortunately I didn't take screenshots of them but my Twitter buddy Farouk Zouari did. Basically GeoHot was saying that he was tired of hearing the same questions all the time. He also mentioned that some of us care way too much about the iPhone, which in the end is "just a phone".

GeoHot had been flamed for a while by many who see in him as an egocentric kid. While you can't argue the kid has a very strong ego, he still has the freedom to do whatever he wants and we should all respect that.

Something tells me we will see GeoHot again. Until then, let's wish him good luck.

False Alarm: GeoHot Doesn’t Have An iPhone 4 Jailbreak

A few days ago we talked about GeoHot and the amazing fact that he seemed to have a jailbreak for iPhone 4. It turns out the picture he gave us was actually a fake. Bummer!

In an update to his last blog post, the wonder kid destroyed the few credibility he had left. He says:

Sorry, this post was probably a bad idea. Next time I won't say anything. I miss when this blog was actually about technical things(I've been reacting too much to the feedback, which led it to the place it's in now). I didn't fully realize most of the current scene don't care unless they are getting something. Now I do. It's late tonight, I'll think about what to do about this in the morning.

The real reason behind no release isn't technical. It's just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd.

Also, to the haters, the picture is quite obviously fake :D

I have a lot of respect for GeoHot's work. The guy is clearly a genius (let me remind you he was the first to unlock the first iPhone back in 2007), but like everyone notices, he's just too cocky and egocentric, which is probably why some call him EgoHot.

So what now for jailbreakers and unlockers? The good news is that the Spirit jailbreak for iPhone 4 will be released soon. In the meantime, the Dev Team is working on an unlock as well.

The world is not going to stop but it's just too bad GeoHot won't invest himself in what he's obviously good at. Oh well, after all he's free to do whatever he wants.

What do you think?