Should You Stay Away From LimeRa1n?

The news just fell that LimeRa1n has been released. If you follow the major iPhone hackers on Twitter you probably got a good feel of what to expect from LimeRa1n: a buggy and untested jailbreak.

So really, the question is: should you use LimeRa1n? Should you put your iPhone in jeopardy? Or should you wait for GreenPois0n or PwnageTool?

To be honest, if I were you, I would stay away from LimeRa1n, at least for the time being. It might be the best and ost stable jailbreak in the world, but chances are it’s all the opposite.

When I see what the Dev Team and Chronic Dev say about LimeRa1n, I just want to stay away from it. Bottomline is, you do what you want with your iPhone. Let us know what you decide to do and why.