Is Geohot Back?

Just before he said goodbye to the jailbreak community last week, Geohot recommended we follow his friend Mike Cohen for all future news related to a jailbreak. The kid went from a handful of followers to over 10,000 in just a few days…

Today Mike Cohen tweeted the following, making people believe LimeRa1n might be just around the corner:

Mike Cohen tweets about a possible jailbreak

Is Geohot Back?

A few people have speculated that Geohot might be back on the jailbreak scene under a new name. I don’t believe this theory. For one, the Twitter stream of Mike Cohen looks nothing like what Geohot would tweet. But perhaps, and most importantly, the tweets from Mike Cohen are sent from a Blackberry and I really doubt Geohot would be using one of those.

My Theory

I believe that Geohot is not back and doesn’t plan to, at least for a few weeks. I believe that he asked us to follow Mike Cohen so his friend could gain thousands of followers easily. I believe Mike Cohen tweeted about that earlier today to revive the buzz around him and gain even more followers.

I’m sure Geohot will eventually be back. I don’t believe this is happening now. Right now, we’re just being fooled by a kid who wants to capitalize on the fame of his buddy Geohot and add followers to his Twitter account.

What do you think is going on? Do you think this Mike Cohen is real? Do you think he is Geohot? I’d like to know what you guys think of this all.