GeoHot Says Goodbye To The Jailbreak Community

GeoHotIt seems GeoHot is done with the iPhone jailbreak community. After teasing us with what ended up being a fake iPhone 4 jailbreak, GeoHot put an end to it all by completely shutting down his Twitter account. Additionally, he made his blog an invite-only place.

GeoHot has been complaining for a while about people harassing him about jailbreaks and release dates, which is probably what motivated his decision. While he didn’t clearly say goodbye to the jailbreak community, GeoHot seems to be retiring from the scene, at least for now.

I was able to read GeoHot’s last tweets last night but unfortunately I didn’t take screenshots of them but my Twitter buddy Farouk Zouari did. Basically GeoHot was saying that he was tired of hearing the same questions all the time. He also mentioned that some of us care way too much about the iPhone, which in the end is “just a phone”.

GeoHot Last Tweets

GeoHot had been flamed for a while by many who see in him as an egocentric kid. While you can’t argue the kid has a very strong ego, he still has the freedom to do whatever he wants and we should all respect that.

Something tells me we will see GeoHot again. Until then, let’s wish him good luck.