LimeRa1n Download

A quick note to let everyone know that so far, you can only download LimeRa1n for Windows. There is no Mac LimeRa1n download yet. According to Geohot himself, a Mac and Linux version of LimeRa1n should be available soon.

Update: There is now a Mac and Linux version of LimeRa1n.

There are many websites offering fake LimeRa1n download links. My recommendation is to be very careful with those. You can always download LimeRa1n from our iPhone downloads section, or directly from the LimeRa1n website.

I will update this post as soon as we have LimeRa1n download links for Mac and Linux.

If you’re on a PC, here is a guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone iOS 4.1 with LimeRa1n.


  • BETA 1 – first release
  • BETA 2 – fixed kernel patching magic
  • BETA 3 – fixed new bootrom 3GS
  • BETA 4 – uninstall fixed, respring fixedish