How to turn off Optimize Storage for Music on iPhone

Disabled Optimize Storage for Music on iPhone

Maybe some time ago you were worried about the amount of space your music was taking up on your iPhone. So, you enabled the Optimize Storage option. This allowed iOS to automatically remove downloaded songs that you haven’t listened to in a while, thus freeing up storage space.

But now you find yourself with more storage space on your iPhone than before, or maybe you’ve purchased a new iPhone with more space. You want to stop iOS from removing songs and do it yourself, but you can’t remember how to disable the feature. Here, we’ll show you how to turn off Optimize Storage for Music on your iPhone.

How to access downloaded files on iPhone and iPad

Downloads Folder in Files in iCloud Drive

If you download files to your device from the internet often, then you’re used to the routine. You may have even changed your downloads location to a specific spot. But if you’ve never downloaded a file on iOS, then you’re probably wondering where those files went!

Here, we’ll show you how to access downloaded files on iPhone and iPad.

How to automatically download purchased Books from other devices

Reading in the Books App on iPhone

If Apple Books is your preferred tool for reading, then you know its advantages. You can start reading a book on your iPhone and pick up right where you left off on your iPad. The thing is, you still have to download it to that other device.

So if you want to open a book on Mac that you started on iPhone, you have to hit that cloud button and wait for it to download. This is extremely inconvenient if you’re without internet access! Having those books downloaded to multiple devices and ready for offline reading might just be what you need.

Here’s how to automatically download purchased Books to all your devices.

How to change streaming and download quality in the TV app

TV App iPhone Settings Quality

Gone are the days of having the same quality for all shows and movies you watch. With wonderful technological advances, you can choose the quality you want. So if you’re comfy on the couch with your Mac, you likely want the best quality available. But if you’re on iPhone using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi, you might prefer a faster download over high quality.

Here, we’ll show you how to change the quality for streaming and downloading shows in the TV app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

This tweak upgrades Safari’s download manager with media importing & more

When Apple released iOS & iPadOS 13 last Summer, one of the exciting new features that the company added to the iPhone and iPad experience for the very first time was a built-in download manager for the native Safari web browser. As necessary as this was to make Apple’s platforms both usable and competitive with the rest of the mobile device market, it still left quite a bit to be desired — par for the course when it comes to Apple.

Jailbreakers have significantly more options to choose from when it comes to augmenting this user experience, and with the help of a recently-updated jailbreak tweak dubbed Safari Downloader+ by iOS developer Jalal Ouraigua, jailbreakers can both expect more and get it, especially in terms of the Safari file-downloading experience. The all-new version 5.0 of the Safari Downloader+ adds full support for iOS & iPadOS 13 for the first time.

Ways to save an image from a webpage in Safari on Mac

Save Image Mac Safari iDB

If you need an image for a school essay, article, or research paper - or just for your own personal use - you have a few options to save it from Safari if you find one online.

Before we show you these options, it’s important to note limitations when downloading images from the web. Just because you find an image, doesn’t mean you are allowed to use it for the purpose you intend. For more on this topic, Search Engine Journal has a handy guide to using online images legally that you can review.

Now, it’s time to get to work. You can download an image to a folder, the Photos app on Mac, your desktop, or as your desktop background. You can also simply copy and image and paste it where you need it.

Here’s how to save an image from a webpage in Safari using all of these options.

How to see the amount of space Podcasts and TV shows use on iPhone and iPad

Settings iPhone Storage TV App

Your device is terrific for listening to your latest podcasts and watching your favorite shows. But if you continue to download these types of items, you’re going to keep using space. And if you’re finished with a podcast or show, why hang onto it?

If you listen to the same podcast episode or watch the same show over and over, that’s different. And you might want to keep them. But if not, why waste the space? You should at least take a minute to review what’s there to see what you can remove.

Here’s how to see the amount of space Podcasts and TV shows are using on you iPhone and iPad.

How to stop Audiobooks from automatically downloading to Apple Watch

Audiobooks app Apple Watch

When Apple introduced the Audiobooks app on Apple Watch with watchOS 6, it was another great addition to the wearable. You can listen to your books on a walk, run, or while working out instead of music.

But like music, books take up space. And you might not realize that your Watch automatically downloads Audiobooks when it’s charging. While this may be fine for some, it may not be okay for others. If you’re one of the "others," we’ll show you how to stop Audiobooks from automatically downloading to your Apple Watch.