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5 reasons that make VideoProc a great 4K Mac video editor for beginners [sponsor]

Avoiding compatibility issues is crucial to enjoying your 4K, high frame rate and slow-motion footage across a myriad of devices. VideoProc can help with that. Rather than pile up a bunch of complex features you’ll never use, VideoProc is a focused app that’s very easy to use and includes a plethora of powerful features like hardware acceleration to ensure that your converted videos play back without a hiccup no matter the platform.

DearMob iPhone Manager: transfer photos from iPhone to computer with high flexibility [sponsor]

Your iPhone/iPad is packed to the gills with photos and videos? Sounds like a typical problem. What you really need is a fast way to manage and selectively move the media items both ways between your iOS device and your computer. This is the best way to free up valuable storage space on your device and ensure you’ll be able to shoot those festive moments uninterrupted.