Build your dream desktop setup with these new MagFlött iPad stands [sponsored]

Charlie and Jenny, the husband and wife team behind CharJenPro and its popular MagFlött magnetic iPad stand is back with two new options for propping up the tablet on your desktop. There are obviously a number of iPad stands on the market already, but few of them, if any, can match the build quality and features of the MagFlött Pro and MagFlött VESA Mount.

MagFlött Pro

The MagFlött Pro Stand is made of thick, heavy metal, and has an aesthetic that would look right at home on your desk next to any Apple product.

It’s height-adjustable, meaning you can move it from 12 inches to 17.5 inches, to ensure you always have the perfect line of sight. It can also rotate 360-degrees, and tilt 180-degrees, giving you just about every possible viewing angle. It features strong magnets to hold your iPad in place, a camera cut-out, a dedicated MagSafe spot for your iPhone, and ultra soft microfiber lining.

Both the MagFlött VESA Mount and the MagFlött Pro are compatible with the iPad (10th gen), the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. The actual compatibility list is pretty lengthy, but a good rule of thumb is that as long as your iPad doesn’t have a frontside Home button, you should be good. Both products also include the company’s patented 6-foot Curved Braided USB-C cable, which plugs into your iPad, and wraps around the back for a nice clean look.

MagFlött VESA Mount

The VESA Mount is exactly as the name implies: an iPad stand that attaches to a desktop arm mount. You typically use these for computer monitors, so this makes for an obvious solution for those that want to use their iPads as a first or second screen.

The arm mount isn’t included, but they (it uses standard VESA configurations) are fairly inexpensive these days, and most of the magic happens on the MagFlött itself, anyway. It’s cut from a single piece of aluminum, with a camera hole in the corner, and it has an ultra soft microfiber lining to keep your iPad from getting scratched.

It connects to your mount with 4 thumb screws, and of course, it has strong magnets to hold your iPad in place. There is even a dedicated MagSafe magnet, so you can mount your phone on there as well, should you ever need an extra hand for FaceTime, photos, or videos.

How do I get one?

The MagFlött VESA Mount and MagFlött Pro both launch on Kickstarter on April 11, but you can start reserving yours today. In fact, the team is offering up rewards to anyone who acts quickly.

If you reserve and back (meaning you pre-order through Kickstarter) both the MagFlött VESA Mount and MagFlött Pro, you get a free $60 gift card.

If you just want to do the MagFlött Pro, you get a $40 gift card. If you just want the MagFlött VESA mount, you get a $20 gift card. It costs only $1 to reserve, but if you’d rather just wait until the Kickstarter launches, you can still get up to 40% off by backing the project on day one.

The MagFlött VESA Mount is expected to retail for $115, and the MagFlött Pro will retail for $215, so your launch day prices would be $69 and $129, respectively. You’ll find all of the links you need to get moving, below.