Easily back up and transfer music, photos, videos, and ringtones to iPhone using MacX MediaTrans [sponsored giveaway]

MacX MediaTrans running on MacBook Pro

Do you regularly transfer photos, videos, songs, books, and other files from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac? You may do this for backup purposes, to free up space on your primary iPhone, or move data while switching to a new phone. In order to make your iOS to computer transfers effortless, you should try MacX MediaTrans on your Mac or WinX MediaTrans on your Windows PC.

Let us tell you more about the app's Mac version and a limited-time giveaway where you can win free licenses for either MacX MediaTrans or WinX MediaTrans!

MacUpdater makes it easier than ever to keep your apps up to date [sponsored]

Everyone knows that it’s important to keep your apps updated. Not only does it ensure that you have all the latest features and bug fixes, but more importantly, it makes certain you have the latest security patches available. The Mac App Store does a pretty good job of keeping its own apps up-to-date, but what do you do about third-party software? That’s where MacUpdater comes in.

MacX Video Converter Pro – a handy video converter, downloader, and editor for Mac & PC [sponsored]

MacX Video Converter Pro running on MacBook

MacX Video Converter Pro is a straightforward app for your Mac and Windows PC that helps you reduce video file size, convert video & audio to other formats, resize them, make edits, decode & encode HEVC/H.265 clips, download videos from the web, and more.

Let me give you an overview of MacX Video Converter Pro and tell you about the limited-time unmissable Black Friday discount for both Mac and PC users!

How to remove remote Mobile Device Management (MDM) from iPhone or iPad [sponsored]

AnyUnlock on Mac

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, lets big organizations remotely manage Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac, they give to their employees. With this, the organization can deploy updates, install apps, and put several restrictions on the iOS devices.

You will encounter an iPhone with a Remote Management screen asking you to enter the username and password if you're an employee of an organization who has been allotted this device or if you bought a second-hand iPhone and the seller didn't remove the MDM profile beforehand.

An iPhone with MDM may have many restrictions, and you may not be able to use it fully. And if it's an erased iPhone, the lack of the right credentials may not even let you go past the Remote Management setup screen.

To get out of such situations, you can use AnyUnlock by iMobie, and in this tutorial, we show you how.

How to fix iOS 16 update issues using PhoneRescue [sponsored]

PhoneRescue on Mac

iOS 16 is now available for all iPhone users who have an iPhone 8 or later. In most cases, the update should download and install within minutes.

However, when updating an iPhone to iOS 16 or one of its incremental versions, such as iOS 16.0.2 or 16.1, you may face problems such as your iPhone staying stuck on the Apple logo, or the screen turning black/blue/white with no progress bar. It's also possible that your iPhone keeps rebooting more than it should, ultimately leading to a failed iOS 16 update.

To get you out of these situations, PhoneRescue by iMobie can be a helpful companion! It's a piece of software for your Mac and Windows PC that can fix most iOS 16 update issues.

So, if you're unable to update your iPhone from iOS 15 to iOS 16 or iOS 16 to one of its future versions, read along and learn how to fix this.

How to transfer data from your old phone to iPhone 14 using AnyTrans [sponsored]

Using AnyTrans on Mac to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone 14

It's that special time of the year when people are getting their hands on the new iPhone 14 series and the exciting iOS 16.

If you bought an iPhone or are planning to buy one, you might be thinking about moving your data from your current smartphone to your new iPhone.

Sure, Apple has the Move to iOS app to help you switch from Android to iOS and the Quick Start feature to migrate your data from your current iPhone to a new one. On the basic level, these tools are handy. But as you will find out, they have some drawbacks.

Thankfully, AnyTrans from iMobie, a continuously updated decade-old app, will comfortably allow you to transfer all or selected data from your current iPhone or Android phone to your new iPhone 14.

How to transfer data from your old iPhone to iPhone 13 [sponsor]

Every year Apple refreshes the iPhone lineup, so in 2021 we got the recently-unveiled iPhone 13 models with better battery life and much-enhanced cameras across the board. Chances are, many iPhone owners who are in the market for a new device are very particular about the existing items they wish to transfer to their future new phone. The only problem is, Apple won't let you do that. Thankfully, with specialized apps like iMobie's AnyTrans desktop software, you can easily transfer data from your old iPhone to iPhone 13 with just a few clicks.

Show off and protect your new iPhone 13 with this clear case [sponsored]

Want to protect your new iPhone 13 but don't want to cover up its beautiful new design? Our friends over at Totallee have the perfect solution: the Clear Case for all models of Apple's latest handset. It's thin enough where it won't make your phone feel too bulky, but thick enough to offer drop protection. And it's completely see-through so you can still show-off your new device.