MacX Video Converter Pro – a handy video converter, downloader, and editor for Mac & PC [sponsored]

MacX Video Converter Pro is a straightforward app for your Mac and Windows PC that helps you reduce video file size, convert video & audio to other formats, resize them, make edits, decode & encode HEVC/H.265 clips, download videos from the web, and more.

Let me give you an overview of MacX Video Converter Pro and tell you about the limited-time unmissable Black Friday discount for both Mac and PC users!

MacX Video Converter Pro running on MacBook

What you can do with MacX Video Converter Pro?

It’s one app with multiple useful tools bundled into it.

Convert videos

First, you can use it to convert almost any video and audio file with one of the largest available codec libraries. Plus, you can change the file format.

For example, if you have a .mov video file (that your iPhone shoots in default), you can change it to the ever-popular .mp4 or other formats depending on where you want to view that clip.

Overall, MacX Video Converter Pro lets you convert 4K and HD videos to over 370 formats like MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, HEVC/H.264, etc.

Its makers claim to be the first and only one with level-3 Hardware Acceleration, which makes video decoding and processing five times faster than others while being priced competitively.

Video in MacX Video Converter Pro

Reduce video file size

You can work with up to 4K videos and significantly decrease their file size, sometimes downsizing them by up to 90%. This ability to compress videos without significantly hurting the quality makes it easy to send via email, upload to cloud storage, and saves local space on your computer or mobile devices.

Edit videos

The app features simple but insanely valuable tools that allow you to trim the video, crop it, add subtitles, put a watermark, and change the clip’s audio levels!

Edit videos in MacX Video Converter Pro

Powerful web video downloader

MacX Video Converter Pro has a super handy downloaded using which you can download videos from hundreds of websites like Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, CBS news, Twitch, VK, Yahoo, and much more. If you work with lots of offline web videos, this feature alone justifies the cost!

Here’s a screenshot of me locally saving iDB’s latest video to my Mac:

Downloading web videos using MacX Video Converter Pro

Cam recorder and screen recorder

The app also allows you to record videos using your Mac webcam.

Besides that, you can record the screen to create instructional videos, save web meetings, record video calls, and more.

Turn photos into a slideshow video file

Finally, MacX Video Converter Pro has a section titled “Photo,” which lets you select a folder full of images and turn those images into a lovely slideshow video. You can transfer this video to any other device, keep it on your Mac, and even set it as your screensaver!

Turn photos into slideshow using MacX Video Converter Pro

Download MacX Video Converter Pro

Overall it’s a helpful tool that you may not use daily, but when you need to do the aforementioned tasks, you’ll be thankful to have MacX Video Converter Pro on your computer. This piece of software is even more attractive because of the limited-time massive discount, which makes it a tempting buy.

You can try the app on your Mac or Windows PC for free. But of course, the free version has limitations. Hurry, as their Black Friday sale is live! Grab a one-year or lifetime license before the offer ends.


  • 1-year license: $19.90 $9.99
  • Lifetime license: $39.90 $24.90

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