How to post on Instagram from your computer

Instagram Post from Safari on Mac

You know that Instagram has a website you can visit in any browser. The problem is that you can’t post using the Instagram site. However, with a couple of extra steps, you actually can.

Here, we’ll show you how to post on Instagram from your computer using Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. This lets you grab those photos or videos you have saved on your computer and post them to Instagram without opening the app on iPhone or Android.

Intel adds a website to its new ‘PC vs Mac’ ad campaign

A still from Intel's anti-Apple ad campaign featuring Mac vs. PC star Justin Long

In January of this year, Intel announced that its CEO at the time, Bob Swan, would be stepping down. The company was on shaky ground, for a variety of reasons, and a shakeup at the top was seen as a way to get things back on a right path. That probably hasn't happened quite yet, but that isn't stopping the company from leaning into some anti-Apple marketing.

SendToDesktop enables SSH-based file transfers between jailbroken iPhones and computers

One of the small things I appreciate the most about being a Mac user is that I can easily AirDrop files from my iPhone to my computer and vice versa in some instances. Unfortunately, this process isn’t so cut and dry if you’re a Linux or Windows user, as both of these operating systems lack AirDrop support.

For the reason mentioned above, I would highly recommend a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called SendToDesktop by iOS developer Sudhip for both Linux and Windows users, as it can make sharing files from your iPhone or iPad to your personal computer a breeze.

ForwardNotifier sends your iPhone’s push notifications to your Mac or PC

Many of us take for granted the the ability to send and receive text messages and phone calls across our iOS and macOS devices, but this level of continuity tends to be limited to certain applications. That said, wouldn’t it be nice if your Mac or PC could receive and display all the push notifications that naturally come to your iPhone?

If you answered yes to that question, then we think you’re going to love a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called ForwardNotifier by iOS developer Greg0109. This tweak sets up a communication line between your iOS handset and your Linux, Mac, or Windows PC so that notifications appear directly on your desktop.

Save up to 40% on the MX Master 2S mouse and other Logitech products

Heads up folks, one of Amazon's Deals of the Day is a flash sale on a select group of Logitech products. That means, for today only, you can save up to 40% on things like the popular MXMaster 2S wireless mouse, mechanical keyboards, ASTRO gaming headsets, and more. Check out a roundup of our favorite deals below.