Selecting the perfect Thunderbolt 4 Dock: considerations & comparisons

Whether you’re a professional pumping out productivity on multiple displays with various types of storage media attached, or you’re an average Joe just trying to have the neatest desk space arrangement that you can, chances are that you could make use of a Thunderbolt 4 Dock to both maximize connectivity to your Mac or PC and minimize the number dongles and adapters you’d otherwise need to connect to your computer’s ports.

The DockCase Explorer USB-C hub expands I/O and features an informative LCD display

DockCase Explorer Rear Ports.

There’s no shortage of USB-C hubs out on the market that you can pick from, ranging from around $15 to $60. These dime-a-dozen devices are useful for attaching multiple peripherals to your USB-C-equipped computer with a single port, and whether you opt for a cheap or expensive model, you can expect mostly the same performance from each, albeit a cheaper model might have fewer bells and whistles or not look as nice.

How to force Dark Mode for any website on Mac or PC

Same website in Light and Dark Mode in Safari on Mac

Not all websites support Dark Mode, which can lead to eye strain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are several ways to force Dark Mode on all websites, regardless of the browser you're using. In this article, we'll show you how to enable Dark Mode for any website in Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Firefox on your Mac or PC.

How to use your iPhone or iPad as a USB drive on Mac or Windows PC

Use iPhone as USB pen drive on computer

With a USB stick, you can store all kind of data and move files from one computer to another. You can do the same with your iOS device when connected to a Mac or PC.

In this tutorial, we'll show how to efficiently use your iPhone or iPad as a flash drive to store files or move them around. We cover both wired and wireless methods.