How to save videos from Google Drive to iPhone Photos and Files app

It’s effortless to download the video files you have saved on your Google Drive to your iPhone or iPad Photos app or Files app. If you’re wondering how to do that, look no further, as this tutorial will guide you through all the steps.

Save video from Google Drive to iPhone

Can I download video from Google Drive to iPhone?

Certainly, you can! The Google Drive app can play videos, keep them downloaded locally, and also lets you share files directly from inside Drive. Still, you may look to export the video from Google Drive to the iPhone Photos app if you want to edit it, crop it, apply filters, remove sound, extract audio, or prefer watching it inside the Camera Roll.

First, set up Google Drive

It goes without saying that before venturing to save the Google Drive video locally to your iPhone or iPad, you must make sure Google Drive is set up on your device. Here’s how to do that, in case you haven’t already:

  1. Download the Google Drive app for free from the App Store.
  2. Open the app and sign in using your Google/Gmail/YouTube account.

Once that’s done, follow the steps in the subsequent headings to save the video to your iOS or iPadOS device.

Download video from Google Drive to iPhone Camera Roll

  1. Open the Google Drive app and go to the folder with the video or movie file. You can also search for the video by typing its name or format (.mp4, .avi, .mkv, .mov, etc.)
  2. Tap the three dots icon next to a video. If you’re unsure what that video is about, tap to play and preview it. Next, hit the three dots icon from the top right of the video player.
  3. Pick Send a copy.
  4. Finally, tap Save Video.
Save video from Google Drive to iPhone Photos app

Google Drive will download the video file using Wi-Fi or cellular data, and once that’s done, it will transfer the clip locally to your iPhone Camera Roll. You can now watch it anytime from the Photos app > Albums > Recents or the Videos section of the Photos app.

Find saved video in iPhone Camera Roll

Save video from Google Drive to the iOS Files app

There are a couple of easy ways to export videos from Google Drive to your iPhone’s Files app.

Method 1: Save to Files

  1. Go to the folder inside the iPhone Google Drive app and find the video you want to download.
  2. Tap the three dots icon next to the video file name.
  3. Pick “Open in” from the list of options.
  4. Google Drive will prepare the video file to export, and when that’s done, it will show the iOS Share Sheet. From here, tap Save to Files > pick a folder inside the Files app > Save.
Download video from Google Drive to iPhone Files app

You have successfully downloaded the Google Drive video clip to On My iPhone or iCloud Drive. To find the video, open the Files app and tap Recents or go to the folder where you saved the video file in step 4 above.

See downloaded video in iOS Files app

You can also move the video from the Files app to the Camera Roll. For that, tap & hold the video file > Share > Save Video.

Method 2: Show Google Drive in Files app and copy the video

By default, the Files app shows your local On My iPhone storage and Apple’s iCloud Drive. But you can easily add third-party storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc., to the iPhone or iPad Files app. Once that’s done, follow these steps to save the Drive video to iPhone:

  1. Open the Files app and tap Browse to see all the added locations.
  2. Tap Drive and go to the folder where videos are saved.
  3. Tap & hold a video file and pick Move from the menu. If you want to work with multiple files, tap the three dots icon from the top right and hit Select. Now, choose the video files and then tap the folder icon.
  4. Use the button in the top left of the iPhone screen to go to the Browse screen that shows On My iPhone, iCloud Drive, and other added locations. From here, tap On My iPhone and go to a folder where you want to have the video files.
  5. Finally, tap Copy to save the videos from Google Drive to your iPhone storage.
Copy Google Drive video to On My iPhone
See the image in full screen

Note: Move is a single command that copies a file from one location; pastes it to another; and, when that’s done, deletes the file from the original location. However, even if you tap Move (step 3 above), the file is only copied (and not moved) when you’re working with two different storage services (Drive and On My iPhone in our example). Besides picking Move in step 3 above, you can also choose Copy and then paste the file to any other folder.

The other way around

Conversely, if you’re looking to upload videos from iPhone to Google Drive, go to the Photos app and open the video. Next, tap the share button and pick Drive. In case you don’t see Google Drive on the iOS Share Sheet, follow these steps to customize and show the desired options.

Upload video from iPhone to Google Drive

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