The best iPhone emoji keyboard apps

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These days, using emojis when sending text messages is the norm. You can say about anything with an emoji instead of text from “I love you” to “Let’s grab a burger.” And your iPhone is packed with tons of them to use. But there are apps that take these handy little smileys to another level.

You can send emojis that are arranged in a picture, those that you edit yourself, and many that you won’t find on your iPhone by default. If you want to step it up with your emojis, here are the best iPhone emoji keyboard apps.

Timemoji replaces the Status Bar’s A.M./P.M. indicator with your choice of Emojis

The Status Bar plays host to all sorts of vital information about your handset, including its wireless signal strength, the battery level, and the time. The time indicator is perhaps one of the most frequently-checked indicators of them all, but it tends to be somewhat bland out of the box.

Enter Timemoji, a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer 1di4r that replaces the native “A.M.” and “P.M.” indicators with specific Emojis of your choice.

This tweak changes the Emoji keyboard’s scrubber animation

If you do a lot of texting from your iOS device(s), then chances are you send an Emoji every now and again. Apple’s Emoji keyboard is already nicely polished out of the box, but now you can make it even cooler with a custom animation by way of a new free jailbreak tweak called Organic Emoji Scrubber by iOS developer Orangebananaspy.

According to the developer, the new tweak adds an “organic” animation to the Emoji scrubber in the keyboard interface. Rather than attempting to explain what the amination looks like with words, we’ve embedded some animated GIF examples below so that you can see for yourself:

How to hide the emojis you never use with Smojis

Using Smojis on iPhone Keyboard

We all love to use emojis. Happy faces in our emails, hearts in our text messages, and even checkmarks in our notes; there’s an emoji for everything, everywhere. But it’s getting to the point that there are too many emojis to pick from and the list keeps growing. You look for one and have to sift through hundreds of others. What if there was a way to hide those emojis that you never, ever use?

Enter Smojis, a cool app that lets you hide single emojis or complete categories. So, if you never use flags or objects, hide them. If you only use specific smileys, hide the others. It’s all up to you! So, here’s how to hide the emojis you never use with Smojis.

AppLabelValentineDay decorates your iPhone’s Home screen for Valentine’s Day

It’s officially Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re feeling just lovely all by your lonesome or you have a significant other with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can get into the festive spirit by installing new free jailbreak tweak called AppLabelValentineDay by iOS developer CydiaGeek.

Once installed, AppLabelValentineDay replaces your Home screen’s app icon labels with various types of heart-centric Emojis, as shown in the screenshot example above.

2019 emoji list is getting closer to being finalized

Apple users won't receive the 2018 emoji characters on their devices until the public release of iOS 12.1 in the coming weeks. Regardless, the Unicode Standard for next year is getting ever-closer to being finalized. On Tuesday, information about the Emoji 12.0 Beta was announced. The announcement gives vendors and implementers a chance to "test the details of what might be coming in the next year," according to Emojipedia.

This tweak makes the iOS keyboard display 50 Frequently Used Emojis

If you send and receive Emojis from your iPhone or iPad often, then you’re probably familiar with the iOS keyboard’s “Frequently Used” section.

The Frequently Used section hosts the top 30 Emojis you use most often for faster access, but with a new free jailbreak tweak called MoreFrequentlyUsedEmojis by iOS developer A_H_Rabie, you can now increase that number to 50.

NoMoreSkinToneSuggestion prevents iOS from nagging you about skin tones for Emojis

Certain Emojis, especially those depicting hand gestures, support a variety of different skin tones, which are configured on a per-Emoji basis. If you’ve never set a skin tone for a particular Emoji before, then you’re likely to encounter the interface shown above when tapping on it.

While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a skin tone for your Emojis, it’s rather annoying how iOS asks you to select a skin tone for each Emoji individually instead of remembering your choice for all of them. Fortunately, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed NoMoreSkinToneSuggestion by iOS developer A_H_Rabie prevents iOS from asking about skin tones once and for all.