iOS 14.2 includes the newest emoji, including bubble tea, ninja, boomerang, and more

We have known that Apple is planning on bringing a whole slate of new emoji to iOS in the near future since July. And it looks like the wait is almost over.

Well, technically the wait is officially over for folks who are trying out iOS 14.2’s latest beta. Apple seeded the second developer beta of the software earlier today, and it has been confirmed that it supports the newest emoji first revealed earlier this year. Apple showcased the new emoji as part of World Emoji Day back in July.

The most interesting part of today’s beta seed is that they include a first look at some of the new emoji that we didn’t get to see earlier this year. That includes the 55 gender and skin-tone variants for the people emoji. There are also new gender-inclusive emoji to choose from, as well as a black cat, people hugging, blueberries, a polar bear, a boomerang, and a ninja. Among many others.

This latest emoji release is part of the Emoji 13 pack, and there are quite a few new options. Even bubble tea is finally joining the emoji ranks.

The new emoji will make their public debut at some point later this year. Apple just seeded the second developer beta of iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 earlier today, so we may still be a few weeks out before a public launch of the mobile operating systems.

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