iPhone newly jailbroken? This tweak upgrades the native keyboard in more than one way

Whether you send a ton of text messages, spend a lot of time browsing the Web, or like to jot down notes from time to time, the keyboard is something most iPhone owners interact with on a daily basis.

While Apple’s keyboard offers perhaps one of the most refined keyboard user experiences on the market today, it’s not uncommon for the jailbreak community to develop ways of making it better. The latest of such attempts comes by way of a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Shortmoji 2 by iOS developer MiRO.

How to access the Mac emojis and symbols keyboard from the menu bar

Mac Emoji Keyboard, Character Viewer in Menu Bar

The emojis and symbols “keyboard,” officially named the Character Viewer on Mac, is a handy tool. With it, you can easily add emojis, symbols, characters, and icons to your notes, documents, and emails.

While you can access the Character Viewer a few different ways, one of the simplest is from the menu bar. This way, you don’t have to try and remember another keyboard shortcut or hope the app you’re using offers a menu option.

The setting for this is a bit hidden and not within your Dock & Menu Bar preferences. So here, we’ll show you how to enable and access the emojis and symbols keyboard from your menu bar on Mac.

How to customize your emoji list with shapes and symbols on Mac

Expanded Character Viewer on Mac

Apple gives you a handy tool for picking out and popping in emojis on your Mac. In notes, emails, or documents, you can open the Character Viewer and drag an emoji or symbol where you want it.

This Viewer has a couple of convenient features too. You can jump right to emojis you use frequently and those you save as favorites. Along with these features, you have the ability to customize the list that displays. So if you want to use technical symbols, geometrical shapes, math symbols, or even pictographs, they’re all there.

You only see a dozen or so emojis when you open the Character Viewer. So here, we’ll show you where the others are so you can customize your Mac emoji list for oddball characters, shapes, and symbols.

Emoji search has finally come to the iPad

As a regular emoji user, it's always bothered me that the iPad's been lacking the tremendously convenient emoji search option which has been available on other Apple platforms for a while now. But the company's new software update has fixed that perplexing omission by bringing the same emoji feature to the Apple tablet as on the iPhone and iPod touch.

How to get the new iOS 14.2 emojis on your jailbroken device

The last few iOS point releases had been all quiet on the emoji front, but iOS and iPadOS 14.2 brought over 100 novelties to users, including such ragers as "Pinched Fingers" (that emphatic gesture which often accompanies a hackneyed impression of an Italian), "Bubble Tea", "Ninja", and "Tamale" (at last!). Whilst stock users will have to update to iOS 14.2 to make use of these little beauties, jailbroken users don't have to, thanks to developer Poomsmart.

Choosing between losing your jailbreak by updating to iOS 14.2, or being unable to spam your friends with the Dodo emoji, is thankfully not necessary. We'll show you how to get the best of both worlds.

LongKeys makes it easier to type several instances of the same Emoji

Emojis have quickly transformed into one of the most popular ways to share expressions and reactions via messaging and social media platforms. If you’ve ever wanted to enter several of the same Emoji into a text field, however, then you’d find yourself tapping the Emoji key of your choosing repeatedly until satisfied.

LongKeys is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer maximehip that tries to take the edge off of this user experience by allowing typists to simply tap and hold on an Emoji key of their choosing to input several instances of that particular Emoji into the text field all at once.

The new MacBook Air keyboard has dedicated keys for Spotlight, Dictation, DND and Emoji

Apple's just-refreshed MacBook Air with the new Apple M1 laptop chip that was announced yesterday features an updated media key layout in the function row, with the new shortcuts for Dictation, Spotlight and Do Not Disturb functions replacing the previous keys for adjusting brightness and invoking the Launchpad feature. Also, there's now a dedicated Emoji key.