iOS 14.2

Apple unsigns iOS 14.2, 14.2.1, and 12.4.9, thwarting downgrades

After officially launching iOS 14.3 to the public last month with new features and improvements, Apple has closed the signing window for iOS & iPadOS 14.2 & 14.2.1, a move that prevents affected iPhone and iPad owners from restoring their handset’s firmware version to anything but the current iOS & iPadOS 14.3 release.

In addition to iOS & iPadOS 14.2 & 14.2.1, the company has officially started unsigning iOS 12.4.9, which prevents older handsets that are incapable of being upgraded to iOS or iPadOS 13 from downgrading from the newer iOS 12.5 release.

How to get the new iOS 14.2 emojis on your jailbroken device

The last few iOS point releases had been all quiet on the emoji front, but iOS and iPadOS 14.2 brought over 100 novelties to users, including such ragers as "Pinched Fingers" (that emphatic gesture which often accompanies a hackneyed impression of an Italian), "Bubble Tea", "Ninja", and "Tamale" (at last!). Whilst stock users will have to update to iOS 14.2 to make use of these little beauties, jailbroken users don't have to, thanks to developer Poomsmart.

Choosing between losing your jailbreak by updating to iOS 14.2, or being unable to spam your friends with the Dodo emoji, is thankfully not necessary. We'll show you how to get the best of both worlds.

Security researcher Liang Chen demos jailbreak on iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.2

The past few weeks have been crazy for anyone heavily invested in the jailbreak community. Not only was the checkra1n jailbreak updated to add support for A10(X) devices and iOS 14.1-14.2, but a new exploit PoC targeting iOS & iPadOS 13.x was released and FreeTheSandbox once again affirmed that a jailbreak with support for iOS & iPadOS 13.5-13.7 would be released in the near future without a definitive ETA.

But the community was in for yet another teaser this week after talented security researcher Liang Chen (@chenliang0817) of Singular Security Lab (@SingularSecLab) demonstrated a working jailbreak on Apple’s brand-new iPhone 12 Pro handset running iOS 14.2 — the latest publicly available firmware at the time of this writing:

Apple no longer signing iOS 14.1 following launch of iOS 14.2

Apple unleashed iOS & iPadOS 14.2 to the general public last Thursday with a plethora of new Emojis, wallpapers, and other improvements. That said, no one should be astonished to learn that the company has stopped signing the older iOS & iPadOS 14.1 firmware this Thursday evening, just one week after the aforementioned release.

The unsigning of a particular version of firmware means that iPhone and iPad users can no longer officially downgrade to it via Finder or iTunes, and that’s because these platforms depend on ‘permission’ from Apple’s servers to continue the software restore on one of these devices. Third-party workarounds exist for the daring ones, of course.

Checkra1n v0.12.0 released, supports A10(X), iOS 14.1 & 14.2, and more

The checkra1n team updated its venerable jailbreak tool to version 0.12.0 this Sunday afternoon, adding a plethora of improvements that are certain to garner attention from the community.

The team took to Twitter this afternoon to reveal that checkra1n v0.12.0 is an update that many iOS 14 users probably won’t want to miss, and given the exciting content of this update, it’s easy to see why: