Barmoji adds a dedicated Emoji bar to the wasted empty space of the iOS keyboard

If you like to use Emojis when you text people or send emails, then you may want to consider augmenting your iPhone’s typing abilities with a jailbreak tweak dubbed Barmoji by iOS developer CPDigitalDarkroom.

In a nutshell, Barmoji adds a quick access Emoji bar to your iPhone’s native keyboard interface. With it, you can more easily type Emojis when you’re composing messages or emails. The tweak also works in other apps due to its integration into the native keyboard, such as social media and text composition apps, among others.

The best iPhone emoji keyboard apps

Best emoji keyboards for iPhone - FancyKey

These days, using emojis when sending text messages is the norm. You can say about anything with an emoji instead of text from “I love you” to “Let’s grab a burger.” And your iPhone is packed with tons of them to use. But there are apps that take these handy little smileys to another level.

You can send emojis that are arranged in a picture, those that you edit yourself, and many that you won’t find on your iPhone by default. If you want to step it up with your emojis, here are the best iPhone emoji keyboard apps.