Cydia Substrate

Cydia Substrate updated with fixes for iOS & iPadOS 14.5 users

The checkra1n jailbreak tool was updated to version 0.12.3 Thursday afternoon with official support for iOS & iPadOS 14.5 on A7-A11-equipped devices.

Worthy of note, checkra1n users are more likely than any other modern jailbreak user to be taking advantage of Cydia Substrate for tweak injection, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Cydia Substrate received a similar update on the same day.

Substrate Safe Mode updated to support jailbroken iOS 14 devices

If your jailbreak depends on Cydia Substrate for tweak injection, then now would be a good time to launch your preferred package manager and refresh your sources. This is especially the case if you’re enjoying the perks of a pwned version of iOS or iPadOS 14 by way of the resilient checkra1n jailbreak.

Upon doing so, those jailbreakers should find an updated release of Substrate Safe Mode ready to be installed, subtly dubbed version 0.9.6005.

Saurik updates Cydia Substrate to v0.9.7111 to address another bug

Saurik released yet another update for the Cydia Substrate tweak injection package on Saturday in a move to help improve the software’s overall reliability and stability with day-to-day use.

The latest update, coined version 0.9.7111, is said to fix a problem that Saurik purportedly introduced in the older 0.9.7109 update. Saurik notes in the newest change log that the update intended to solve a problem with an earlier update, but inadvertently un-fixed a totally different issue in doing so:

Saurik responds to asinine claim that recent Cydia Substrate updates are about competition

If you’ve spent any time brushing up on your jailbreak news over the past couple of months, then you likely noticed that Jay Freeman, also commonly known as Saurik, has released a plethora of updates for Cydia Substrate recently.

Those who know their jailbreak facts will know that the Cydia Substrate package isn’t one to normally receive a ton of updates. As such, many jumped to the conclusion that Saurik may be trying to modernize Cydia Substrate solely for competitive purposes as other tweak injection methods gain steam on alternative jailbreaks. A statement recently released by Saurik reveals that this couldn’t be further from the truth…

Saurik updates Cydia Substrate again with additional stability-centric fixes

Following a chain of recent updates to the Cydia Substrate package this past weekend, Saurik issued yet another update late last night with notable bug fixes and changes. The latest update brings the tweak injection method up to version 0.9.7110.

The change log comments via Cydia Substrate’s official package depiction are particularly extensive for this release, and are as follows:

Cydia Substrate updated to version 0.9.7109 with more bug fixes

Following a pair of updates released for both the Cydia Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode packages bright and early Sunday morning, it seems that Saurik has pushed a second update for the Cydia Substrate package Sunday afternoon to fix a few bugs that were introduced in the first update.

The latest version of the Cydia Substrate package is now version 0.9.7109, and according to the change log for this release, Saurik notes the following changes in this release:

Cydia Substrate & Substrate Safe Mode receive twin updates with improvements

After a brief hiatus from last month’s rush of Cydia Substrate updates, Saurik appears to be at it again. Starting this morning, checkra1n jailbreak users should be able to refresh their sources and see two notable new updates including Cydia Substrate version 0.9.7108 and Substrate Safe Mode version 0.9.6004.

Both packages are especially important for the checkra1n jailbreak, as one drives tweak injection while the other serves as the last line of defense between jailbreak tweak failures and the possibility of a consequential boot loop. Fortunately, these packages work in tandem to permit jailbreak tweak usage in a safe environment.

Cydia Substrate v0.9.7105 adds memory enhancements & more iOS 14 support

Cydia Substrate, a method of tweak injection that can be used on both the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, was updated Monday evening to the shiny new version 0.9.7105.

Citing the change log for this particular release, Cydia Substrate v0.9.7105 should be easier on system memory and be less prone to crashing due to a new memory limit threshold system. The full change log from Saurik is quoted below:

Cydia Substrate receives third update to improve stability under heavy memory strain

Cydia Substrate users have probably noticed quite a substantial number of updates to this particular package over the past couple of days. Two consecutive updates for Cydia Substrate were launched Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but the excitement didn’t stop there. Saurik pushed a third update for Cydia Substrate Thursday afternoon, officially bringing the package up to version 0.9.7104.

Cydia Substrate is used for tweak injection on both the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks for devices up to and including those equipped with A11 chips. Cydia Substrate never received support for A12 and newer handsets because of technical challenges, and so any of these devices that have been jailbroken with unc0ver use Substitute for tweak injection instead.