MathTeacher brings much-needed upgrades to the native Calculator app

One of the native apps in iOS that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the Calculator app. While you could download a more robust third-party alternative from the App Store, the fact remains that the native experience is abysmal at best. For that reason, we’re excited to show you a new free jailbreak tweak called MathTeacher by iOS developer Gabriele Filipponi.

As depicted in the screenshot examples above, MathTeacher incorporates several upgrades into iOS’ native Calculator app, making it a significantly more functional math-solving platform than it would have been out of the box.

Apple finally brings a native Calculator app to the Apple Watch in watchOS 6

One of my biggest beefs with the Apple Watch for the longest time has been the lack of a native Calculator app much like what you’d expect to find on your iPhone’s Home Screen. Fortunately, Apple is finally resolving this issue with watchOS 6, which Apple announced today at WWDC 2019.

As shown in the screenshot example above, watchOS 6 will incorporate a full-blown calculator interface into the Apple Watch, allowing you to perform basic mathematic calculations right from the comfort of your wrist. The interface should look mostly familiar to iOS users, as it gets many of its design cues from the iPhone’s Calculator app.

The best free date and time calculators for iPhone

date and time calculators for iPhone

If you need to calculate dates and times, right down to the second, convenient tools for your iPhone do the work for you. Maybe you need to figure out a specific date in the future for a contract or an exact time that an event took place in the past.

For business, pleasure, or both, these are the best free date and time calculators for iPhone.

Give your Calculator app a makeover with SoftCalc

iOS’ native Calculator app has received a bevy of revamps over the years, but one thing Apple keeps the same with every iteration is that signature black and orange color scheme.

Depending on how much you’re dying for a fresh aesthetic, you may want to try a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SoftCalc by iOS developer CydiaGeek.

EinsteinVibes brings haptic feedback to iOS’ Calculator app

There've been a lot of haptic feedback-based jailbreak tweaks released in my day, but EinsteinVibes by iOS developer LacertosusDeus is one of the first I’ve seen that brings haptic feedback to the stock Calculator app in iOS.

EinstienVibes harnesses the power of Apple’s Taptic Engine to provide Calculator app users with a subtle vibration each time they tap on any of the app’s buttons.

The best calculator apps for iPad

Calculator App on iPad Desk

If you own an iPad, then you know that there is currently no built-in calculator app like there is on the iPhone. But of course, the App Store is full of paid and free options that you can download.

These are some of the best calculator apps for iPad that will have you working those numbers in no time.