Keyboard shortcuts for the Calculator on Mac

iMac keyboard - Calculator keyboard shortcuts

Who doesn’t love keyboard shortcuts on Mac? With handy key presses, you can perform all sorts of tasks and actions. And if you’re a Mac user that takes advantage of the built-in Calculator app, then you’ll like this list of keyboard shortcuts.

Some are quite obvious but many for the different calculator modes are not. So, have a look at these Calculator keyboard shortcuts for Mac.

Basic calculator shortcuts

Perform quick calculations like addition and subtraction or clear the calculator to start a new one with these shortcuts.

  • Clear: Escape or C
  • Clear all: Option + Escape
  • Delete the last digit: Delete
  • Add: Plus Sign (+)
  • Subtract: Hyphen (-)
  • Multiply: Asterisk (*)
  • Divide: Forward Slash (/)
  • Equal: Equal Sign (=)
  • Negate the value: Option + Hyphen (-)

Scientific calculator shortcuts

If you switch over to the scientific mode in the Calculator app, keep this keyboard shortcuts in mind.

  • Exponential notation: Shift + E
  • Calculate the factorial of the value: Exclamation Point (!)
  • Calculate the logarithm of the value: E
  • Raise the value to the power of the next entered value: Caret (^)

RPN calculator shortcuts

For those who use the RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) mode frequently, these shortcuts are for you.

  • Switch the two numbers on the stack: Command + E
  • Remove the bottom number from the stack: Command + Delete
  • Move the most recent number entered up on the stack: Command + Up Arrow
  • Move the most recent number entered down on the stack: Command + Down Arrow

Wrapping it up

Stopping to pick up your mouse or move to your trackpad can be distracting when you’re using something like the Calculator app on Mac. So hopefully you’ll remember these handy keyboard shortcuts for your next calculations.

For more, head to the keyboard shortcuts section of iDB.