How to delete individual digits in the iPhone Calculator app without clearing everything

iPhone Calculator app

We've come across some pretty cool tricks in iOS over the years, like the six hidden buttons on the iPad's split keyboard, the long-hold action in the Mail app that brings up your last draft, and photo websites.

In this brief post, we've got another neat tidbit to share with you involving the stock Calculator application. If use use it often, this tip could prove very useful.

Miss the Calculator widget on Mac? Check out these alternatives

With macOS Big Sur and later, you can no longer enjoy quick access to interactive widgets in the Notification Center. Sure, you can still see widgets for things like the weather and a world clock, but you can’t perform calculations in a few clicks like before.

You can use Spotlight Search for simple equations in a hurry, but if you need a little more, you have to open the Calculator app. Since a calculator is one of those utilities you don’t want to have to hunt for, we’ll show you some alternatives to replace your missing widget.

Here you’ll find calculator apps for your menu bar along with shortcuts to open your existing Mac Calculator app from the Dock and using your keyboard. Review the options and see which one is the best fit for your needs.