iOS 11.3 brings back button fade animations in the Calculator app

Although iOS 11.2 has addressed a Calculator bug that caused input to be lost if you typed too quickly, iOS 11.3 brings back the button fade animations without reintroducing this issue.

The “bug” was a design oversight: Calculator would block all input during the animation for button fades, casing it to fail to register certain key taps when typing too quickly.

Now, with iOS 11.3, Apple is once again allowing for button taps to register before the fade animation has finished playing. As noted by 9to5Mac on Wednesday, iOS 11.3 brings the button fade animation back without blocking user interaction.

From the article:

iOS 11.0 had a brand new Calculator app with operand buttons that faded in and out when highlighted. iOS 11.2 removed the animations altogether to patchwork fix the bug. iOS 11.3 brings them back and users can still tap the buttons in quick succession.

Here’s a video showing the animation being removed and restored throughout iOS 11 releases.

What do you think of this tiny visual tweak for iOS 11.3’s Calculator app?

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