How to split bills and calculate tips with your Apple Watch

Find it hard to calculate tips quickly? Follow along as we show you how to use the Calculator app on your Apple Watch to split a check evenly between multiple people, and figure out an appropriate tip.

Calculating tip on Apple Watch

Aside from performing basic arithmetic calculations, you can also use the Calculator app on your Apple Watch to split checks easily and quickly calculate tips.

Note that the tip feature may not be available in all countries and regions.

Calculate tips and split bills using your Apple Watch

1) Open the Calculator app on your Apple Watch.

2) Use the digit keys in the Calculator app to enter the total amount of your restaurant bill, for example, then tap the TIP button.

Apple Watch Calculator app with the TIP option

3) Now, choose a desired tip percentage by turning the Digital Crown.

The tip percentage is a cultural thing that varies from one country to another. In the United States, for example, a general rule for waiters is to tip between 15 and 20 percent of your bill.

4) Lastly, tap the button labeled People and turn the Digital Crown to enter the number of people sharing this bill. If you are alone, leave it at 1.

The Calculator app will instantly display requested information, including the tip amount, the total amount, and the amount each person owes, assuming the bill is split evenly.

Tip: The Calculator app is also available as a complication, so add it to your watch face for fast one-tap access to a tip calculator right from your wrist.

Calculator complication on Apple Watch face

If you don’t have an Apple Watch!

The Calculator app on the iPhone does not have the tip feature built-in, so you will have to calculate the tip manually. However, to make things easier, you can try out third-party iOS calculator apps that let you calculate tips as well as the split share if you are dining with several people.

You can search the App Store for some Tip Calculator apps. Here are a few easy options I found:

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