New Hyperixa repository launches to succeed the TitanD3v repository

Many jailbreakers will remember a time in November of last year when the TitanD3v team decided to leave the jailbreak community and re-release all of its paid jailbreak tweaks as free.

But it now seems that we haven’t yet heard the last of TitanD3v, as the team now appears to be launching the Hyperixa repository with a companion support app as the official successor to the now retired TitanD3v repository.

The announcement was first shared via a Tweet by the Hyperixa Twitter account early Sunday morning, and was echoed by Retweets from TitanD3v developer SouthernGirlWhoCode.

From what we can gather, jailbreakers can merely add the new repository to their existing package manager app to access those jailbreak tweaks. The repository URL is as follows:

What makes this user experience different from a traditional repository is that users can install a companion support app from the Hyperixa repository which can be used to configure preferences for any of TitanD3v’s jailbreak tweaks, and much more:

The app is a centralized hub for jailbreak information and for configuring those tweaks without ever visiting the Settings app, which is a great idea in this case since most of TitanD3v’s jailbreak tweaks included a profile-esque preference pane in which users could personalize their preference pane.

Most the tweaks hosted on the Hyperixa repository are still free to download despite the rebranding, and the full list of available jailbreak tweaks from TitanD3v, excluding the Hyperixa app, currently includes the following:


Do you plan to take advantage of the new Hyperixa repository to get your hands on all the popular jailbreak tweaks created by TitanD3v? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.