iDevices: An all-in-one hub encompassing device & iCloud information for jailbroken handsets

You can find most types of information specific to your iPhone or iPad in the native Settings app, but some tidbits of information are expressly hidden from users because Apple simply thinks it’s better that way.

Not all jailbreakers agree with Apple making those kinds of decisions for them, so it’s no surprise that so many jailbreak tweaks work to undo Apple’s access selections. One of the latest jailbreak tweaks to do that is one called iDevices by iOS developer TitanD3v.

iDevices is best described as an all-in-one hub for viewing various forms of device information in a convenient place. It honestly leaves no stone unturned, displaying both information that users can already view in the Settings app, along with typically elusive information like active RAM usage.

iDevices can be invoked on demand with one of seven different gesture choices, and as depicted in the screenshot examples above, along with the promotional YouTube video provided by the developer below, the iDevices interface offers a sleek and feature rich user experience that you just won’t get out of the native Settings app.

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Things you can do from iDevices include:

  • View iCloud data:
    • Enable or disable iCloud backup
    • Check when you last used iCloud backup
    • Initiate an iCloud backup
  • View data pertaining to all your iCloud-linked devices:
    • See and manage iCloud devices, including Macs, Apple TVs, and other iOS devices
    • View in-depth information about those devices
  • View Battery data:
    • View uncompromising battery data for each of your devices remotely
  • View detailed device Storage information:
    • View statistics related to on-device storage
    • View an itemized list of everything taking up space on your device
    • View statistics related to iCloud storage
  • View RAM data:
    • See how much memory your device has
    • Compare used memory to free memory
  • View About device data:
    • See much of the same data you can see in the Settings app already, but in a fancier format
    • See data about your device that doesn’t normally appear in the Settings app
  • View Installed software:
    • See a comprehensive list of installed apps on your device
    • View the last time you opened those apps
    • See a comprehensive list of installed jailbreak tweaks on your device
    • Organize installed jailbreak tweaks by group
  • View device locking and booting statistics:
    • See the last time you locked and unlocked your device
    • See the last time you resprang your device
    • See the name of the last app you used
  • And much more…

It’s important to reiterate that while some of what iDevices puts into view can already be accessed from the Settings app, a lot of it can’t be. For example, seeing when your handset was last locked or unlocked and what app was last used can speak volumes to whether someone else is using your handset when you aren’t looking. Even being viewing RAM usage and detailed hardware information isn’t something you can normally do out of the box.

For those things that iDevices does show that can already be viewed in the Settings app, TitanD3v takes things a step further with an advanced user interface that expands more on some of that information. For example, while you can already view installed apps and jailbreak tweaks via Settings, iDevices sorts them by group and tells you when they were last used.

Upon installing iDevices for the first time, users will need to visit the dedicated preference pane in the Settings app to activate the tweak and configure a few options to their liking:

Things you can do here include:

  • Toggle iDevices on or off on demand
  • Select a preferred activation gesture:
    • Tap and hold on the Status Bar
    • Double-tap the Status Bar
    • Triple-tap the Status Bar
    • Double-tap the Dock
    • Press the volume up button
    • Press the volume down button
    • Shake the device
  • Configure a preferred color scheme:
    • Colorize individual elements including:
      • Cover icon
      • Cover title
      • Accent
      • Background
      • Grabber
      • Font
      • Secondary font
      • Title font
      • Subtitle font
      • Cell
      • Navigation bar
      • Backup start button
      • Backup cancel button
      • Backup progress
      • Battery ring
      • Low battery
      • Normal battery
      • Total RAM
      • Free RAM
      • Used RAM
      • And more…
    • Configure miscellaneous options:
      • Enable and select a custom cover image
      • Enable or disable haptic feedback
      • Choose between light, medium, or heavy haptic feedback
    • Enable new version release alerts
    • And more…

If you’re interested in giving the new iDevices tweak a try, then you candownload it for free from the Hyperixa repository via your favorite package manager app. iDevices supports jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 14 devices only at this time.

Those not already taking advantage of the Hyperixa repository can add it to their package manager app of choice via the following URL:

What are your thoughts about iDevices? Does it offer the value you’re looking for with respect to viewing various types of device information and controls in one convenient place? Let us know in the comments section down below.