Jailbreakers can achieve the Home Screen of their dreams with Paradise

If you’re looking to accomplish a custom Home Screen setup on your iPhone or iPad, then your typical options include shifting app icons to different pages or organizing them into folders. You’d be hard-pressed to customize much else, as Apple doesn’t offer many other options.

This apparent shortcoming has left the jailbreak community to do what it does best: break down Apple’s unfortunate customizability barriers by offering end users a slew of options for achieving unique Home Screen aesthetics that no one else will have – especially not those using stock, non-jailbroken handsets.

One of the latest of such attempts comes by way of a newly released jailbreak tweak called Paradise by titand3v, which provides jailbreakers with a bevy of different tools for creating and customizing Home Screen app icons in ways that most iPhone and iPad users could only dream of.

Once installed, Paradise adds a powerful new app to the Home Screen that lets users create amazing app icons out of images from the Photo Library or with symbols and icons from the included database. Paradise also supports creating and maintaining a theme folder on-device that can be used with theming engines like SnowBoard or iThemer:

Here, you can tinker with icons, foreground images, icon colors, background images, background colors, background gradients, and other fun options such as icon size and rotation parameters.

If that wasn’t enough, Paradise also supports re-naming app icons, folders, and widgets, and you can also colorize those names and add colorized backgrounds to those names as you see fit. Have too many things on your Home Screen? – No worries, because Paradise supports batch offloading and uninstalling too.

After creating and applying custom-made icons, you can then head over to the Settings app where you can configure a number of handy options for the Paradise user experience:

Things you can do here include:

  • Toggle Paradise on or off on demand
  • Configure Paradise’s appearance
  • Configure Paradise’s color
  • Configure Paradise’s miscellaneous settings
  • Enable notifications for when Paradise updates are available
  • And more…

Since the Paradise preference pane is multi-pronged, we’ll outline all the different sections below:


In the Appearance preference pane, Paradise users can:

  • Choose between light, dark, or dynamic appearance
  • Enable or disable a blur effect for Paradise
  • Enable or disable a wallpaper for Paradise
  • Choose a wallpaper image if the above option was enabled


In the Color preference pane, Paradise users can:

  • Enable or disable custom colors:
  • Select custom colors for the following interface elements:
    • Accents
    • Backgrounds
    • Fonts
    • Icons
    • Badges
    • Cells
    • Separators


In the Miscellaneous preference pane, Paradise users can:

  • Enable or disable Haptic Feedback
  • Choose between light, medium, or heavy type
  • Enable and select a custom font
  • Configure a corner radius (default 30px)
  • Enable or disable 3D Touch/Haptic Touch menus

With so much to tinker with, there’s no excuse for any jailbreaker to have the same bland Home Screen setup as a non-jailbreaker. The tweak is available to download for free from the Hyperixa repository via any package manager. Paradise supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Those who aren’t already using the Hyperixa repository can add the following URL to their package manager of choice to access it:


Do you plan to do any in-depth Home Screen customization with Paradise? We look forward to hearing your comments below.