How to collaborate in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

You can easily share a document you create in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. But that’s handier if your document is finished or you’re not looking for input. So if you’re composing a document that you want to work on with someone, these apps offer a nice collaboration feature.

When you collaborate, you’re working on it together and reviewing the other person’s input. You can use track changes or comments which is sort of like discussing it in the same room. This gives you an easy way to create the ultimate final product.

So here, we’ll show you how to start collaborating on your documents in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. And we’ll go through instructions for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Collaborate on Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents

Collaborate on Mac

The collaboration feature is initiated the same way in all three applications. So use these steps for whichever you plan to use.

1) Click the Collaborate button in the toolbar or Share > Collaborate With Others from the menu bar.

2) In the pop-up window, adjust the access and permissions before you do anything else.

  • For access, you can pick from Only people you invite or Anyone with a link. Normally you would pick the first option since you’ll be inviting specific people to collaborate with you. But if you want to open up the document for many people’s input, you might pick the second.
  • For permissions, choose from Can make changes or View only. If you want your collaborator to edit the document directly, you’ll want to allow them to make changes. And you can use the Track Changes feature to see those edits. If you simply want your collaborator to review the document and provide their input separately, you can pick the second.

3) Choose how you’d like to share the collaboration invitation with them and click Share. Follow the prompts per the method you select.

Collaborate and Share in Numbers on Mac

Adjust the collaboration options on Mac

After you complete the above steps to collaborate on your document, you’ll notice the Collaborate button in the toolbar is highlighted and contains a check mark. This is a subtle reminder that you’re working on the document with another.

Collaborate in Numbers on Mac

If you want to make changes to the collaboration details, either click that Collaborate button or Share > Collaboration Details from the menu bar. Here are the actions you can take.

  • Select the three dots next to a collaborator to: View their contact card, send them an email or message, change their permissions, or remove their access.
Collaboration Details for a Person in Numbers on Mac
  • Expand Sharing Options to: Change everyone’s access or permissions, copy a link to share with more people, or stop sharing with all collaborators.
  • Add People: If you choose to Add People, you’ll follow the same steps as you did when you initially started collaborating.
Collaboration Details in Numbers on Mac

Collaborate on iPhone and iPad

The process to start collaborating in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote is close to the same on iPhone and iPad. Open the app to the document and follow these steps.

1) Tap the Collaborate icon at the top.

2) Select Share Options to adjust the access and permissions, which are the same as on Mac.

3) Tap Share File to go back to the Share screen, select the method to send the invitation, and follow the prompts.

Collaborate in Pages on iPhone

Adjust the collaboration options on iPhone and iPad

Once you start collaborating, you’ll see the Collaborate button display a check mark. Tap that button to make changes.

  • Select a specific person to adjust their permissions or remove their access.
  • Tap Share Options to change everyone’s access or permissions or copy a link to the document.
  • Add people or stop sharing.
Collaboration Details in Pages on iPhone

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Wrapping it up

The process for working with coworkers, team members, or your business partner on a document is simply in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Hopefully this how-to will help you get started on collaborating on your next document, spreadsheet, or slideshow.

If you have tips for collaborating on documents in these three apps, share them below!