How offline editing works in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Numbers Offline Editing on Mac

With an update to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, users can edit shared documents offline. So if you find yourself without internet, but need to keep working on a report, spreadsheet, or presentation, you can.

The offline editing feature came with versions 10.0 of the apps on iOS and macOS. Just make sure you’ve updated to the latest versions.

Here’s how to work with offline editing in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote so you can keep plugging away on your shared documents even when you’re not online.

Offline editing in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Here are a few things to know about offline editing with any or all of these three apps.

  • Your edits will be saved for at least 30 days.
  • Your changes will be uploaded automatically once you reconnect to iCloud.
  • Your collaborators should see your edits once they upload.

Working with offline editing

There are no instructions or steps involved with offline editing in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

If you are using one of these apps offline for a shared document, you’ll likely see a message letting you know that you’re offline but can continue editing.

Numbers Offline Editing Message Mac

When you reconnect, you’ll see another message letting you know that as well.

Numbers Back Online Message Mac

Since your edits will upload once you reconnect, you can check the status of the upload if you like. On iPhone or iPad, check the document manager in one of the apps. On Mac, click View > Show Sync Status from the menu bar for the app you’re using.

Numbers Sync Status Window Mac

If you need to send a copy of the document you’re editing to a team member before your uploads sync, you can do this as well. On iPhone or iPad, tap the More button and pick Share. On Mac, click Share > Send a Copy. Then choose how you’d like to share and continue with that sharing process.

Numbers Send a Copy Mac

One more thing to keep in mind with offline editing is that edits may be affected by changes your collaborators make. From Apple:

If someone you’re collaborating with deletes an object, Keynote slide, or Numbers sheet you’ve edited offline, those edits won’t be in the document when you’re back online and the document syncs with iCloud.

Wrapping it up

When you’re collaborating on a document in Pages, spreadsheet in Numbers, or presentation in Keynote, offline editing lets you keep working when you must go without a connection to iCloud.

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