Keyboard shortcuts for Slack on Mac

MacBook keyboard -Slack keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t just handy for Apple’s apps on Mac, but they can be awesome for third-party apps as well. Depending on the app, you may have many shortcuts that can help you navigate, chat, edit, or manage the window without the need for a mouse or trackpad. Slack is one of these apps.

If you use Slack for team communications, then check out and bookmark this list of keyboard shortcuts.

The Slack window

Switch between workspaces, open and close sidebars, or view specific categories with these shortcuts.

  • Move to the next workspace: Command + Shift + ] (right bracket)
  • Move to the previous workspace: Command + Shift + [ (left bracket)
  • Move to a numbered workspace: Command + Workspace number
  • Enter or exit full screen mode: Control + Command + F
  • Open or close the right sidebar: Command + . (period)
  • Open or close the left sidebar: Command + Shift + D
  • Open preferences: Command + , (comma)
  • Open the Channel browser: Command + Shift + L
  • Open Direct Messages window: Command + Shift + K
  • View All unreads: Command + Shift + A
  • View Threads: Command + Shift + T
  • View Mentions and reactions: Command + Shift + M
  • View People: Command + Shift + E
  • View Saved items: Command + Shift + S
  • Search channel or conversation: Command + F
  • Upload a file: Command + U


You can create a new message, format its text, add a reaction, create a reminder, and more with these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Create new message: Command + N
  • Create a new line in the message: Shift + Return
  • Add an emoji: Command + Shift + \ (Backslash)
  • Select text to the beginning of the line: Shift + Up arrow
  • Select text to the end of the line: Shift + Down arrow
  • Bold the text: Command + B
  • Italicize the text: Command + I (capital letter “i”)
  • Strikethrough the text: Command + Shift + X
  • Convert text to numbered list: Command + Shift + 7
  • Convert text to bulleted list: Command + Shift + 8
  • Undo message formatting: Command + Z

For the following actions, use the F6 key to put the selected message in focus. Then, use these shortcuts to perform the actions.

  • Edit the message: E
  • Add a reaction: R
  • Open or reply to a thread: T or Right arrow
  • Pin or unpin the message: P
  • Share the message: S
  • Save the message: A
  • Delete the message: Delete
  • Create a reminder: M
  • Mark as unread: U

Wrapping it up

Keep in mind that these keyboard shortcuts are for Slack on Mac. So if you use both Mac and Windows, pop over to the Slack website to view the Slack keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Linux.

And for additional shortcuts for other apps on Mac, take a look at our keyboard shortcuts section.