How to use Slack on iPhone or Mac even when it is down

How to use Slack on iPhone or Mac even when it is down

Slack is down globally for several users due to "connectivity issues related to DNS." The situation is so bad that even its status page, which has one job to show Slack's status, is not loading for many users. However, we have found two quick and easy solutions that have worked for us and may work for you as well.

So, here is how to use Slack on your iPhone, Mac, Android, PC, or in a browser even when Slack is down, unresponsive, and not loading for you.

How to schedule messages in Slack for iPhone and Mac

Schedule messages slack

Slack, the popular communications platform, offers several features that make it a great tool for work. Did you know that you can schedule a message in Slack so as to not disturb your colleague at odd hours. You can use the tool to send messages that deliver before a meeting or an important event. The feature is available on desktop as well as the Slack iOS app.

How to change your Slack username or display name in the app or online

Slack Edit Profile Display Name iPhone

If you use Slack for communications in the workplace, then you know the importance of your username. This is how your coworkers and others identify you in mentions and direct messages. While Slack did away with literal "usernames" in 2017, you probably think of your Display Name as your Username. And with good reason, it’s used the same way.

If you didn’t like the display name you chose for yourself initially or need to make yours more unique so people recognize you easier, here’s how to change your display name in Slack.

How to add, remove and use reactions in Slack for quick responses

Slack Reactions on iPhone

If you and your team use Slack for communicating, then you probably already appreciate many of its handy features. And one of the features makes acknowledging messages or comments without actually answering simple. Reactions.

With reactions in Slack, you can quickly use an emoji or other symbol to indicate you’ve accomplished a task, are looking into the issue, or will be right back.

If you’re just now starting to use Slack or simply haven’t taken a moment to check out this feature, here’s how to use reactions in Slack as well as add or remove them.

The best work from home communication apps for remote teams

Communication apps for teams - Slack

You might be a full-time remote worker or just working from your home temporarily. Either way, you need a method to communicate with coworkers, employees, and others who work remotely like you.

There are some wonderful tools available for chatting with your team. From those that have simple chat capabilities to others with app and service integrations.

If you’re looking for the right app for your remote communications, these are some of the best ones out there.

Slack for macOS adds a dark mode

iOS is getting a system-wide dark mode very soon thanks to the incoming launch of iOS 13. macOS, on the other hand, has supported a dark mode for quite some time already, and now Slack for the desktop operating system is jumping on the bandwagon, too.