Jailbreak tweaks of the week: AppCrumb, Centaur, Maple, Pagebar, and more

Whether you’re jailbroken by way of Chimera, Electra, or unc0ver, you’re undoubtedly looking for new ways to trick out your liberated iPhone or iPad. That’s why we make these dedicated jailbreak tweak roundups – to make finding the perfect add-ons as easy as possible for you.

In this roundup, we’ll go over all the newest jailbreak tweak releases from Monday, May 20th to Sunday, May 26th. As usual, we’ll begin by discussing our favorite releases first, and then we’ll outline the rest afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

AppCrumb – $0.99

AppCrumb is an ingenious jailbreak tweak that replaces iOS’ native Breadcrumb links with something far more useful: windowed apps that appear over one another so that you can more easily switch between your new app and the most recently-used one.

AppCrumb comes with gesture support for moving and resizing the old app over the new, and as you might come to expect, you can easily get back to full-screen in your recently-used app with a double-tap gesture.

You can learn more about AppCrumbs and why it’s so good in our full review.

Centaur – $2.00

Centaur brings a refreshed Notification Center experience to the iOS platform, replacing the standard notification-centric interface with one that integrates popular features in iOS, such as toggles, Now Playing music, and device information.

Centaur provides a collapsible notification drop-down menu, allowing you to see all and any missed notifications at a glance. Best of all, you can easily hide that drop-down menu on demand, allowing you to reduce clutter when you want to.

You can learn more about Centaur, its features, and where you can download it in our full review.

Maple – $2.99

Apple might’ve officially cancelled its AirPower product, but that doesn’t mean that we all can’t take advantage of the latest device-charging animations that Apple would’ve made available if AirPower launched as expected.

Here to make that happen is a jailbreak tweak called Maple, which was officially released just this week (we showed you a preview version not long ago). As you’ll notice in the screenshots, this tweak displays AirPower-centric animations and device charging statuses.

Those interested in learning more about Maple and how it works are advised to read our full review.

Pagebar – $0.99

Pagebar is a newly-released jailbreak tweak that replaces the Home screen’s standard page indicator with something a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

Right out of the box, Pagebar supports four different themes, and you can actively adjust Pagebar’s height and offset as well as change the Dock’s settings to make it look better on your Home screen, especially with themes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pagebar and where you can get it, then we recommend reading our full review.

Other releases this week

BetterPowerDown 2: Brings the classic iOS 6-style power down slider to iOS 7 and later (free via Packix repository)

CenteredLargeTitles: Centers all emboldened title texts in most of your apps in iOS 11 and 12 (free via level3tjg’s beta repository – review)

ChatLock: Lock conversations in various messaging apps, including iMessages (free via BigBoss repository – review)

CIMB Clicks JB Detection: Bypass jailbreak detection in the CIMB Clicks app (free via BigBoss repository)

DockRemover: Hides the Home screen’s Dock (free via Dynastic Repo repository – review)

Eveho: Makes exporting and sharing Sileo package and source lists easy (free via Dynastic Repo repository)

HomeBarMediaProgress: A media progress bar that occupies the native Home bar on notched handsets (free via eskimo_dev’s beta repository – review)

Mitsuha Infinity – Home Screen: The popular Mitsuha Infinity audio visualizer, now ported to the Home screen (free via Nepeta repository – review)

Mitsuha Infinity – Lock Screen: The popular Mitsuha Infinity audio visualizer, now ported specifically to the Lock screen (free via Nepeta repository)

Nereid: A redesigned Now Playing interface for the Lock screen (free via Nepeta repository – review)

No Quick Action Buttons: Hides the Quick Action buttons in iOS (free via Packix repository)

ReachabilitySheer: Makes the Reachability background transparent (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

redPasscodeBG: Makes the background of the Lock screen’s passcode entry screen red (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

roundPrefs: Makes the settings tables round in the Settings app (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

SiriApp: Puts an app icon on the Home screen that can be used to invoke Siri on demand (free via level3tjg’s repository – review)

SmallStatusBarX: Makes the Status Bar on your notched handset more like the Status Bar on a non-notched handset (free via level3tjg’s repository – review)

T9Dialer: Brings T9 dialer support to the iPhone’s native Phone app (free via eskimo_dev’s repository – review)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but stay tuned to iDB throughout the week to remain updated regarding novel releases as they materialize.

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