How to increase the text size in Messages on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Does the text seem a little small when you use the Messages app on your iOS device or Mac? There’s no reason to struggle to read messages! You can make the text larger and more comfortable to read. Here’s how to increase the text size in Messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Increase Messages app text size

Increase the text size only for the Messages app

Here’s how to set a comfortable text size for the iOS and macOS Messages app.

On iPhone and iPad

With iOS 15 and later, you can individually change the text size of every app.

Follow these steps to increase the text size only for the Messages app:

1) Open the iPhone or iPad Settings app and tap Control Center.

2) Tap the green plus button for Text Size to add it to your device’s Control Center.

Add Text Size button to iPhone Control Center

3) Open the Messages app.

4) Now, open the Control Center.

5) Press the AA button, and it will show additional options.

6) Tap Messages Only.

7) Finally, drag the text slider up to increase the text size.

Increase text size of Messages app on iPhone

After this, exit the Control Center to return to the Messages app. You will see that the text size of your Messages app has increased. Now, it will be easier to read your SMS and iMessage.

iPhone Messages app with increased text size

When you go to your iPhone Home Screen, you will notice that the rest of your iPhone apps and everything else has the standard text size.

If you want to increase the text size of your entire iPhone, including all the apps, and the Home Screen, follow this quick tutorial.

On Mac

macOS has a handy slider to increase the size of the text for the Messages app separately without affecting any other app.

Here’s how to change the text size for the Messages app on Mac:

1) Open the Messages app.

2) Click Messages > Preferences from the menu bar or press Command + Comma (,).

3) From the General tab, move the Text size slider to the right to make the text bigger. You will see the text adjustment immediately in your Messages window.

Increase text size of Messages app on Mac

One minor adjustment like this can be such a huge help. Whether you have trouble reading the smaller text or just prefer it to be a bit larger, it takes just a few seconds to change.

Is this a setting that you find helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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