How to make text bigger in Safari for all webpages

Make text bigger Safari on Mac

While there’s sort of an unofficial standard when it comes to text size for a webpage, you’ll come across one or two along the way that use a very small font. And even if you don’t, you might simply have a little trouble viewing the text on pages clearly.

What you might not realize is that with one simple setting, you can always see the text on pages in Safari in a larger size, here’s how.

Change Safari’s font size on Mac

Open Safari on your Mac and then follow these steps to change the text size.

1) Click Safari > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Choose the Advanced tab.

3) Check the box next to Accessibility for Never use font sizes smaller than and pick a size from the drop-down box.

You can try out different sizes and see the changes immediately within Safari. This lets you pick the right one for you.

Safari Increase Font Size Mac

Close the Safari Preferences and then enjoy browsing the web without squinting.

Change Safari’s font size on iOS

The simplest way to change the font size in Safari on your iPhone or iPad is to use the View Menu button at the top. While this change will only apply to the site you’re visiting, the setting will be remembered each time you visit that domain, even if you close the tab and reopen it.

1) With a webpage open in Safari on your iOS device, tap the View Menu button at the top. This is labeled as two A’s in the address bar.

2) Tap the large A on the right to increase the size or the small A on the left to decrease it.

Safari Increase Font Size iPhone

And remember, you can also use the Reader View and adjust the per-site settings for Safari on iOS.

Wrapping it up

Many people don’t take the time to explore the accessibility options on their devices unless they really need to. But there are some terrific features that can make your device experiences so much better. And this is one of them.

Are you going to change the size of the font for Safari? Let us know if this is a setting you’ll change on your Mac or if you only plan to do it on your iPhone or iPad.