NotLiveText brings iOS 15’s Live Text feature to the Photos app on jailbroken iOS 14 handsets

Note-taking is a useful skill, but let’s admit it, we’ve all been in some type of time-related pinch in which it was more convenient to simply launch the Camera app and take a picture of something with text on it than it would have been to launch the Notes app and try to type out all the text verbatim. Business cards and street-side advertisements are both great examples.

Substia upgrades iOS’ text replacement feature, making it more accessible

Shortcuts that help you do things with less effort can be a godsend, especially when it comes to being productive on a small and often cramped device like an iPhone.

That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy taking full advantage of iOS’ Text Replacement feature whenever I can. The only problem with it is that you’ll find yourself inconveniently navigating to Settings → General → Keyboard → Text Replacement to manage (add or remove) your text shortcuts.

Loupe brings the magnifying glass back to iOS 14’s text editing experience

Anyone that does any capacity of text editing on their iPhone, whether it’s writing a document in Microsoft Word, modifying something drafted out in the Messages app’s text field, or some other form of the matter, may have noticed that the magnifying glass no longer appears when moving the cursor somewhere specific in the body of text.

Apple made this change because you can now pan the cursor across your body of text by tapping and dragging on the keyboard. But that hasn’t stopped a growing number of nostalgic iPhone users from wishing that the classic magnifying glass was still a thing. Said nostalgia is only amplified by the fact that the magnifying glass still exists on the iPad in the latest versions of iPadOS 14.

How to spruce up Instagram stories with filters, text, and more

Edit an Instagram Story with the Draw tool

Instagram offers some fun features for creating stories. You can use Multi-Capture for snapping several photos on the fly, include your favorite song, or use Superzoom for focusing on your subject. But there’s more!

From drawings to stickers to text, you can truly make your Instagram story memorable or meaningful. If you’re new to Instagram or simply haven’t taken the time to check out the story editing features, iDB is here to help. Here’s how to spruce up your next Instagram story with the app’s built-in editing tools.

This tweak hides iOS 14’s Paste Tips when pasting content from another app

Upon updating to iOS or iPadOS 14, you probably noticed that the operating system automatically displays a prompt at the top of the screen whenever you paste something into an app that you copied or cut from a different app. For this piece, we’ll refer to those prompts as Paste Tips.

Some people enjoy the Paste Tips because it alerts the user to potentially unwanted clipboard access, but others may find it to be somewhat of a nuisance, especially if they do a lot of copying or cutting and pasting. Those in the latter boat may appreciate a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed DisablePasteTips by iOS developer Netskao.

CopyKey makes it easier for jailbreakers to paste text via the keyboard

Anyone who does even the least amount of text editing knows just how important the ability to copy, cut, and paste text is. Unfortunately, the process tends to be cumbersome and time consuming on the iPhone.

Those taking advantage of a jailbreak, including the recently updated unc0ver tool with respect to iOS 14, are likely to appreciate the convenience and satisfaction of a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed CopyKey by iOS developer Chr1s.

How to wrap text in Numbers to display all your data

Wrap Text in Cell on iPad

If you use text in your Numbers sheets, there may have been a time where that text was hidden by the cell to the right. And while you can select the cell and read the text at the bottom in Numbers on Mac, this isn’t always convenient. Plus, this isn’t an option in Numbers on iPhone or iPad.

Here, we’ll show you how to wrap the text in a cell in your spreadsheets. You can apply this formatting to a single cell, group of cells, column, and row. This will increase the height of the cell to display all text within it. But you if you resize the column or row containing the cell, the text will adjust.

I added Google Fi as a secondary carrier on my iPhone, and this was a great choice

I’ve been a loyal AT&T customer for the better part of a decade now, and while I’ve definitely experimented with other carriers in my area – Sprint and even Verizon – I always found myself happier with the AT&T experience and crawled right back before my old and grandfathered plan lapsed.

However, while AT&T certainly takes the lead for cellular data speeds in my area, coverage is one attribute that it lags behind in, especially in the more rural parts. That’s why I decided to try something new: Google Fi for iPhone.

This tweak can convert text to sPoNgEcAsE with the tap of a button

Texting fanatics know that there’s more than one way to get your point across. In addition to simply typing out short strings of text or adding a high volume of Emojis after a statement, one might use different text effects to help convey a message with a specific type of tone.

One common example that has gained substantial traction recently is something called sPoNgEcAsE, which as you can see for yourself, inverts the case of every other letter in a word or sentence to provide a sarcastic mocking tone to anything it gets applied to.

Marker improves the user experience of text editing on iOS

Text editing was always somewhat of a cumbersome experience on the iOS platform, and although it was drastically improved starting with the release of iOS 13, some would inexplicably argue that Apple could have went about it differently to provide a more user-friendly result.

We see one such example in a new and free jailbreak tweak release dubbed Marker by iOS developer MiRO, which aims to change the way you move your cursor around and select text on iOS devices.

How to select text and print your Terminal window on Mac

Terminal on MacBook Pro Screen

If you use Terminal on your Mac to accomplish simple tasks, there may be a time when you want to print the results. For example, maybe you’re using a Terminal command to list out the apps on your Mac.

While it’s easy enough to print your Terminal window, there are a couple of tricks for selecting what to print. Here, we’ll show you those tips for selecting text and how to print from Terminal on your Mac.