15 apps that look great on iOS 7

iOS 7 (App Store teaser 002)Earlier this week, Apple launched the fifth beta for iOS 7. Time ticks by and we get closer and closer to the public launch of iOS’ biggest design change in six years.

To get you ready for the new look, we’ve got a list of apps that will nicely compliment Apple’s new mobile operating system…


any do photo description

Your productivity will increase by 10 percent just looking at this fabulous GTD app. Make lists, add reminders, clear your day to prepare for the task at hand. Of course, Any.DO syncs with Cal for the ultimate in time management. This app is available for free.



This to-do app will make your daily tasks look fantastic. Create shopping lists, project lists, quick notes, movie lists, and more. When you’ve completed an item, swipe to mark it off the list. Nothing is more satisfying. This app is available for $2.99.

Analog Camera

Analog Camera photo description

This app takes the digital out of digital photography and makes it easy for you to capture beautiful images in a snap. Use manual focus and exposure alongside eight preset filters for simple, fast photo editing. Share your pics to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This app is available for $1.99.


VSCO Cam photo description

If you want your photos to look as good as your mobile operating system, VSCO Cam will help with that. The wide variety of preset filters, plus the customizable editing tools make your vacation snap shots look professionally done. This app is available for free.


Mailbox photos description

Keeping track of your daily messages can be a real pain, especially when you have so many spam emails and daily deals to weed through. This app makes Gmail organization a snap. Get to zero in a few steps and have a clean, clear inbox in no time a all. This app is available for free.


Gmail photo description

Google is constantly updating its mail client with new, fast technology. The app is no different. Make your mobile email experience smooth with this great looking Gmail client. This app is available for free.


Cal photo description

We’ve all seen the pictures of Apple’s newly designed Calendar app in iOS 7. This app practically matches it perfectly. Not only will your daily events be elegantly displayed with the new look, but you can sync it with the popular GTD app Any.DO. This app is available for free.


Pocket photo description

Read It Later has been a popular news aggregate for a long time now. The app’s creator has revamped, reimagined, and redesigned it so many times that it looks completely different and even has a new name. However, the convenience of having articles, videos, and more available whenever you want it is still the same. This app is available for free.


Twitterrific photo description

Twitter was the biggest thing in design when it launched in 2006. Seven years later and it really hasn’t changed all that much. Thanks to third-party Twitter clients like this, we can see our tweets in a whole new way. This app is available for $2.99.


Dots photo description

Who would have thought that matching a couple of dots would make you feel so good? If you are looking for a game that is simple and looks like it belongs in a candy store, you won’t be disappointed with this casual matching game. This game is available for free.


Stickets photo description

This minimalistic matching game is deceivingly difficult. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can keep the game board clear. You can, however, let your mind relax as you fail over and over again. The puzzles look that good. This game is available for $2.99.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather photo description

Yahoo was one of the early adopters of the minimalist design. This weather app made waves for looking good and producing accurate results with images right from your nearby locations. It may not be a heavy weather forecaster, but its got it where it counts. This app is available for free.


Digg photo description

What’s black and white and read all over? Yeah, the joke is old. But Digg’s reader is not. Subscribe to your favorite blogs, save stories for reading later, and automatically download specific posts. You’ll never read Internet news the same again. This app is available for free.


Feedly photo description

Google Reader is gone, but Feedly has managed to seamlessly take its place as the most popular RSS feed reader. If you were smart enough to sign up before July 1, you could import your Google Reader account. Even without that feature, you can still follow your favorite blogs with little effort. This app is available for free.

DataMan Next

DataMan Next photo description

Are you tired of constantly tracking your data usage, only to find out you’ve passed your limit and will have to stay on Wi-Fi until the end of the month? If you want a better way to keep track of cellular usage, set alerts to keep you on pace, and compare previous months, you’ll be happy with DataMan Next. This app is available for $0.99.

With hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store, these 15 apps obviously aren’t your only options, but they are some of our favorites that we use on a daily basis.

What are some apps you use that you think already look ready for iOS 7? Make sure to share your favorites in the comment section.