Feedly opens RSS web app to everyone ahead of Google Reader shutdown

Feedly Cloud (web screenshot 001)

Following Google’s disappointing announcement that its Reader service will be retired on July 1, after running for eight straight years, Feedly back in May announced work had started on a clone of Google’s RSS API to help user transition from Google Reader to Feedly.

Today, the startup shed more light on the subject by announcing a new Application Programming Interface (API) along with a lineup of first third-party apps that will leverage the Feedly Cloud platform. In addition, they’ve opened the Feedly RSS web app to everyone…

According to a blog post, Feedly as of end of May signed up an astounding twelve million users after adding four million users since March’s news of Google Reader’s impending demise. They are now processing about 25 million feeds each day and crunching through billions of articles published on a daily basis.

Feedly (Happy Retirement Google Reader teaser 001)r

A number of third-party apps have implemented support for the Feedly cloud platform, including IFTTT, Evernote, Sprout Social, Nextgen Reader, Press, gReader, Newsify, Pure News Widget and Meneré, with more due in the coming months.

The web app, pictured top of post, is available at cloud.feedly.com, with no plugins or extensions needed. It can be accessed using any standard web browser, like Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Opera, and lets you import your Google Reader feeds with a single click.

Feedly also has a nice iOS client which has been recently upgraded with support for the Feedly cloud platform. Like Feedly, news aggregator Digg is launching its own Google Reader replacement on June 26 along with an API for third-party app makers.